Chicken Soup:

I went into the thrift store the other day and failed to exit empty handed. I found 2 books: Chicken Soup for the Dog-lover's Soul, and a nice hardcover copy of a book already on my shelf at home. I'm trying to read more this year, and I think I'm doing ok at it. I've... Continue Reading →


Off at 5:

I did a bad thing. I stayed up to an ungodly hour -- new design! Eeek! Now I'm grinning like a fool 'cause I'm ready to crash. I've done laundry, groceries, some reading, writing and been well entertained by way of Youtube, and feasted on a really excellent batch of popcorn. I'm craving Outlander, and looking... Continue Reading →

Decompression sessions

It takes as long as it takes. That has been the principle I have been following for the past several weeks. Some people aren't happy about it (sometimes I'm included in that reference) but it is beginning to show results. As the wonderful magnet on my fridge states: Good things come to those who work their... Continue Reading →

Brother mine

Bits of life and laughter, brought to me and you and the world, courtesy of my brother 🙂 Forrest: "So, how was your day?" Me: "Just cleaned up a bit and doing some reading, An Introduction to Human Prehistory." Forrest: (Laughs) The following morning, out gathering ingredients for breakfast: Orange juice, local blueberries, bananas, peaches, better than... Continue Reading →

Quiet brilliance

I've finished reading my book, and found my feet again. And my hair is driving me nuts! 😛 Anyways... I awoke on Saturday having no idea what time it was and later discovered I had by conservative estimate slept 14 hours straight. I felt amazing. Saturday was amazing. I felt so alive and so loved. Also, Twink got a haircut... Continue Reading →

The Sammy Shuffle: part 24

I unknowingly bought my first pair of jeggings a few weeks ago. I needed a new pair of black pants, and that's what I got. I'm not crazy about naming/labeling/categorizing everything in the bloody universe, so if you want more detail on any of my textiles, it's best you just come see me 🙂 My... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Enamored Simplicity. Fun. Sunshine. Peanut butter. These are the things I am enamoured with right now. But love is definitely in the air. Every time I turn around there's another melee of emotion happening. I think I'll quit while I'm still reasonably far ahead and go for a jaunt around the neighbourhood.... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Homage I couldn't think of anything to write for this post/prompt at first. There is however, a fantastic little episode from Outlander's first season "The Gathering" which brings vividly to life the formal occasion where tenants and kinsmen pay homage to Column Mackenzie, chieftain of the Mackenzie clan. Recommended, and that's all... Continue Reading →

DND, thanks!

via Daily Prompt: Synchronize I like to be able to do something, start to finish without interruption. It is how I work best. As a result, the current obsession of today's world with being connected all the time, synchronized across platforms and devices and time-zones, and being notified every 2 seconds on everything from the... Continue Reading →

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