Here to Help

The title, or label of Customer Service Representative -and all of its many reincarnations is a broad one. We are all Customer Service Representatives, really.

Our goal: to help others, so that we can help ourselves.

The world has enough zombies and disheartened individuals and not enough genuinely happy, helpful people. The more we reach out, connect and explore (in an intelligent and meaningful way), the happier and more helpful we can be.

I like to be engaged in my environment, to engage others and help them reach their goals.

I am most happy working working in a supportive role. I love to be in the co-pilot’s seat because from this position I can give and receive feedback and support, and make valuable connections and contributions -without the degree of stress and distraction that anyone in the pilot’s seat must contend with daily. Some thrive in this position, and I have absolutely no problem taking my turn up front on occasion, with the right preparation. But I am happiest in the co-pilot’s seat.