More than staying warm and dry

Talked with Gma today, made me feel all warm and fuzzy 🙂 I'm talking to a lot of walls lately, so feel blessed when I can converse and connect with another vibrant human. Question of the day was: "What comes to mind when you think of fear?" Answer for today was: "Being homeless." Doubt is stalking … Continue reading More than staying warm and dry


_Stressed_ Out

Currently feeling really crummy,  I accomplished a lot. But the day's experience left a lot to be desired. I'm happy I made the first move in this time of negotiations. I've committed more as a result, realized a few key things. Namely, just how stressful this situation is. Some people are just strange, sorry. Doesn't … Continue reading _Stressed_ Out

I killed my plant

My succulent has expired. Kinda ironic 🙂 Today was very solid otherwise... Got everything done/organized for the day at work -- Maysome made me a cup of tea, which was just perfect! Made it home on the bus without incident. Dinner was amazingly restorative, with the house to myself, clean kitchen, good tunes and fresh food that … Continue reading I killed my plant