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I'm really tired, but feel like today should get credit for being a decent one. I had a Kit-Kat and a hot cup of tea for a treat at work, stayed cozy and had a really good stir fry for dinner. I'm moving again on the weekend and really looking forward to having my own … Continue reading lumos


Oct 16th

Hi, Today was a good day. Head clear, eyes bright, stomach full, feeling strong, capable and loved. Forrest warned me this would happen, but here is my new favourite song/album... Shrike by Hozier. It has been on a completely voluntary, endorphin pumping loop for weeks now! --Sam

Cello, chocolate, transit and tofu

The past 3 days have been fantastic. It started with pancakes and worked out beautifully. Lots of food, adventure, reading, music, friends and bliss. The bus driver and I are already like old friends -- "Folks, we're taking a short detour and will be back on track in a moment." Me: Where the heck are we going?! A … Continue reading Cello, chocolate, transit and tofu