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georgia + oysters + pizza

This is about a weekend I spent at home this past summer: Forrest's friends were visiting from Japan. Mom and Dad and I went to Smitty's Osyterbar on the waterfront and I for one revelled in the salty/sunny and scrumptious environs. One night we made pizza for dinner and everyone got a whole pie each... I'll admit, … Continue reading georgia + oysters + pizza


Oct 16th

Hi, Today was a good day. Head clear, eyes bright, stomach full, feeling strong, capable and loved. Forrest warned me this would happen, but here is my new favourite song/album... Shrike by Hozier. It has been on a completely voluntary, endorphin pumping loop for weeks now! --Sam

_Stressed_ Out

Currently feeling really crummy,  I accomplished a lot. But the day's experience left a lot to be desired. I'm happy I made the first move in this time of negotiations. I've committed more as a result, realized a few key things. Namely, just how stressful this situation is. Some people are just strange, sorry. Doesn't … Continue reading _Stressed_ Out

I killed my plant

My succulent has expired. Kinda ironic 🙂 Today was very solid otherwise... Got everything done/organized for the day at work -- Maysome made me a cup of tea, which was just perfect! Made it home on the bus without incident. Dinner was amazingly restorative, with the house to myself, clean kitchen, good tunes and fresh food that … Continue reading I killed my plant