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georgia + oysters + pizza

This is about a weekend I spent at home this past summer: Forrest's friends were visiting from Japan. Mom and Dad and I went to Smitty's Osyterbar on the waterfront and I for one revelled in the salty/sunny and scrumptious environs. One night we made pizza for dinner and everyone got a whole pie each... I'll admit, … Continue reading georgia + oysters + pizza


Decompression sessions

It takes as long as it takes. That has been the principle I have been following for the past several weeks. Some people aren't happy about it (sometimes I'm included in that reference) but it is beginning to show results. As the wonderful magnet on my fridge states: Good things come to those who work their … Continue reading Decompression sessions

Brother mine

Bits of life and laughter, brought to me and you and the world, courtesy of my brother 🙂 Forrest: "So, how was your day?" Me: "Just cleaned up a bit and doing some reading, An Introduction to Human Prehistory." Forrest: (Laughs) The following morning, out gathering ingredients for breakfast: Orange juice, local blueberries, bananas, peaches, better than … Continue reading Brother mine