An account of friends, place+cake

My sister and I went to visit our friend Sarah over Christmas. Sarah asked if I remembered her birthday from last year, and if I had posted about it on this blog. I wasn’t sure at the time that I’d written anything on that occasion, but it now seemed a good place to start for a new post and for a new year. Sarah is person I feel privileged to know, and to call a friend. She goes at life with great strength, wit and wisdom.  

What I remember of the party past is this: I remember the energy in the room, alive and bright, full of happy people and pleasantly warm. Tables and chairs and balloons, friends and guests, in abundance; the band; the birthday cake, delicious in it’s own right, chased down by another monstrous slice of vegan chocolate cake I split with Rube. The sense of being a part of the celebrations for someone who seemed at that moment, larger than life, but without any of the anxiety that I would feel at a similar gathering. Pure happiness is contagious.

Here’s to friendship, place and more cake in 2019 ❤



Christmas 2018

I was home for Christmas and it was a great success. There is nothing like getting off the boat after a long day in the city and walking into the arms of my mom and dad who understand the power of a beautifully executed hug, and smiles that reach one’s eyes.

We decorated the tree, which was the best ever — we say that every year, and mean it– that’s just how it goes. We had an open house with a fantastic group of our friends and neighbours. Forrest, Rube and I went down to the beach on the 24th and it felt like all the best parts of when we were small, free and adventurous, and not trying to pull each other’s hair out by the handful.

I stayed pretty cozy, laughed lots, and ate like a horse. Forrest says I’m like a shark in survival mode 😀 It’s probably true.

georgia + oysters + pizza

This is about a weekend I spent at home this past summer:

Forrest’s friends were visiting from Japan. Mom and Dad and I went to Smitty’s Osyterbar on the waterfront and I for one revelled in the salty/sunny and scrumptious environs. One night we made pizza for dinner and everyone got a whole pie each… I’ll admit, I inhaled mine, incredulous looks and all 🙂 Georgia beach was also spectacular and very refreshing!




Conversation on the margins (3)

The conference my sister and I attended in February brought together indigenous and non-indigenous youth from across the country.

The first ice-breaker I participated in went like this: 35+ people in the room, we take a piece of paper from a hat that gets passed around.

Instructions: each person has the name of their animal typed neatly on the paper, you can look now, but don’t tell anyone what is written — the purpose being to find your partner by the end of the game.

Step one: Get up. Wander around. Mingle. Make the sound of your animal and sonically identify your partner. Sit down again once you’ve found your new buddy.

Sounds easy, right. Right. My animal was… A JELLYFISH… Anyone?! What sound does a jellyfish make? Laughing on the inside and grinning wryly on the outside I step into the circle of chaos full of barking dogs, mournful moose, crying loons, crazed sheep…

I’m willing to take risks, I’m happy to meet new people. But attempting to float gracefully around the centre of a circle of strangers staring pointedly and throwing nervous and puzzled glances at you is just ridiculously awkward. First thing. ON THE FIRST DAY!

I’m the last person. If the floor wanted to swallow me up, I’d have no objection. I look pleadingly towards one of the bubbly facilitators, who reaches me, reads my slip and exclaims, ‘Oh! That’s beautiful! We can do it together!’ Awkward reaches a whole new level as everyone zeros in on the two of us: willowy and light on her feet, her jelly impression is as close as anyone is likely to get, and mine equally as distant. Nobody responds. We float some more. The facilitator is totally committed, and I’m dying inside, trying not to burst into a fit of hysterical giggles.

‘Jelly fish? Anyone? Is anyone here a jellyfish?’ the facilitator finally asks. Silence. ‘Any jellyfish here?’ She tries once more and after another extended pause, a tiny voice whispers ‘Me.’ I scan the crowd, identify the mortified speaker whose round face is now very pink, sit down beside them and introduce myself, “Hi! My name is Sam. Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you” they reply.

‘Ok then! Great job everyone!’The facilitator claps her hands in delight and we move to the next activity.

I never did get my new friend’s name.

Off at 5:

I did a bad thing. I stayed up to an ungodly hour — new design! Eeek! Now I’m grinning like a fool ’cause I’m ready to crash. I’ve done laundry, groceries, some reading, writing and been well entertained by way of Youtube, and feasted on a really excellent batch of popcorn. I’m craving Outlander, and looking to bring some more pieces into play today, but will see how that goes. I need some Ichiban first. Maybe yoga later…



Over dinner and drinks

Wild Rice Bistro and Old Crow Coffee shop have attached themselves to my heart. And I appreciate that there are a handful of people I can be at ease with. I feel as if I’m nearly always navigating, so it’s really spectacular when I can just trust the people and processes and feel the joy 😀

Dinner with Rube on Monday was just that. The timing was perfect, the space was warm and welcoming and the food was delicious. It was a dramatic change of pace that came together beautifully

flower-purple-lical-blosso.jpgI also spent part of the past weekend experimenting with caffeinated beverages, penning monologues and absorbed in accomplishing various lists and tasks, including finding a decent pair of pajamas and a decent donut, and playing my instruments. The days were full and fun-filled.

Still, I’m really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and staying comfy-cozy.

The day is won!

Good day at work. Managed to get everything done that I wanted to, without overloading anybody or anything. Good day on the bus with only one heart-pouring episode. Good day at home. Made some solid plans for the weekend which I think I’ll live to see now, though Monday was a beast. Really good to talk with Forrest, made a superb dinner dish and am actually in bed at a decent time!

Go me 😀

That’s all.

Decompression sessions

It takes as long as it takes. That has been the principle I have been following for the past several weeks. Some people aren’t happy about it (sometimes I’m included in that reference) but it is beginning to show results. As the wonderful magnet on my fridge states: Good things come to those who work their asses off 🙂

I took some time Feb 21-25 away from the office to attend a conference in Sudbury, Ontario — more on that later — which was a fantastic experience, but by no means ‘time off’ and I’m still digesting everything that occurred then.

Laundry and a round-table with my connections is next on the list.

Work was so busy today, I forgot to take lunch, though I did manage to inhale my PB and banana sandwich during one 15 minute coffee break. It’s nice to be back in my own space, my own bed, on my own schedule.

Things continue to fall into place.

I’ve played some cello, am writing again, made plans with some incredible human beings, my headphones are back in business and I’m re-reading The Hobbit for the umpteenth time.

My housemate and I are on good terms. I’m earning my keep by remembering passwords, sparking conversation and helping polish off squares of home-cooked lasagna 🙂 Life is good!



Brother mine

Bits of life and laughter, brought to me and you and the world, courtesy of my brother 🙂

Forrest: “So, how was your day?”

Me: “Just cleaned up a bit and doing some reading, An Introduction to Human Prehistory.”

Forrest: (Laughs)

The following morning, out gathering ingredients for breakfast: Orange juice, local blueberries, bananas, peaches, better than butter, and pure maple syrup for a double stack of pancakes at the window. This is what happiness is!

Getting ready to catch the early ferry…

Forrest: (Running around in boxer shorts) “I’m ready! Are you ready?! Let’s go!”

Me: (In pajamas, laughing heartily on the inside) You are not ready. Pants might be a good idea?…


Forrest steals my chips and a pickle.

Dad: “There won’t be any left for Sami.”

Forrest: “She’s used to it. I visit and eat all her food!” (Laughs)

Your laugh is contagious, bro. ❤

Love you lots,