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where from here?

I didn't know if I was going to make it past 1030am today. I only started work at 10am. It was an interesting day. My phone is dead, so, sorry not sorry for anybody trying to reach me. Keeping myself housed, and happy, is on my mind. It would seem odd to go into too … Continue reading where from here?


Hump day

Hey, so today is Wednesday. I've been awake since 730am. I didn't have dinner last night. It didn't seem necessary. I watched "Cargo" which for those interested is a zombie movie with Martin Freeman in the title role. If you know me, you probably are aware that I am not usually in the audience for … Continue reading Hump day

Decompression sessions

It takes as long as it takes. That has been the principle I have been following for the past several weeks. Some people aren't happy about it (sometimes I'm included in that reference) but it is beginning to show results. As the wonderful magnet on my fridge states: Good things come to those who work their … Continue reading Decompression sessions