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Vendredi, etc.

Friday was good. It was satisfying, because I got done what needed to get done, including closing some files, prepping information packages, updating data, and getting some paper people ready for archiving. It was just an ordinary, comfortable Friday. I left work around 6pm and went to check out the New West night market on … Continue reading Vendredi, etc.


Conversations on the margins (5)

My sister and I attended a conference in Sudbury, Ontario in February 2018... This is another post in a series I've written since about the experience. When I told Ruby this, she didn't believe me... One of the excursions I participated in was to the Ontarian version of Science World, Science North. We had the … Continue reading Conversations on the margins (5)

Feeling joyful

Without further ado, and in no particular order: Talking with friends, laughing with family. Popcorn and movies. Sunny weekends. Rainy weekends. Blankets and books. Artistry, warmth. Contentment. Green spaces, wild places. Community. Goodness. Last but certainly not least: My headphones and fiddle are just too fantastic for words.


I'm trying not to be insensitive and a jerk, but it can be hard some days. I'm going to get dressed and see a movie with a friend. I've already accomplished a bit today, including breakfast, a nap in the sun, some reading, writing and fiddle practice. Looking forward to some soul food in August. … Continue reading antihero

No title:

Hey, Today was decent. My head was clear, which was a nice change from the past few days. Some people, myself included are in for a reality check 'round the corner. I need to make groceries and yoga a priority this weekend. In a word, I'm tense (my toes crossed themselves so maybe that gives … Continue reading No title: