Author: Samantha

Nov 13

Had some good conversations with Mom, Dad, Forrest and Rube lately. Also a few laughs and some promising ideas bounced around at work -- no pun intended, honest 😀 If you'd like to, check out the program website: for more information and resources for depression and anxiety. I am a firm believer in adorable … Continue reading Nov 13


word origins

Good libraries are such wonderful places to explore. Good dictionaries are hard to find, but good definitions are so satisfying! 🙂 stat 2 |stat| adverb (in a medical direction or prescription) immediately.  ORIGIN late 19th cent.: abbreviation of Latin statim .


From sometime back in September... This week was soul-sucking, spirit-crushing wicked fast rollercoaster. I called my sister and cried on the phone yesterday, walked the streets in the dark, taking a trip out to view a suite in what some would term the middle of nowhere. But at the time, it was kinda of perfect... … Continue reading Cut-throat