Breakfast rules!

pancakes with blueberries on black plae
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The general sentiment seems to be that the generation of today spends too much time absorbed in their screens, posting about breakfast and avocado toast. However, I did take a significant hiatus from the web, and now that I’ve reappeared here, I just have to tell you about the best part of the past few days which includes…. PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST, and AVOCADO TOAST!

I did manage to work a few regular hours, do some laundry, find some new tunes, do a bit of banking, exploring, and ice-cream eating over the past few weeks. This is all excellent, but if I told you I wasn’t exhausted, I would be lying. The avocado toast Friday afternoon is all that kept me from descending into complete incoherence 🙂

Thus, when I woke up after 9am this morning, made a pile of blueberry super pancakes, had a fresh nectarine and a cup of chia for breakfast before chatting with Mom on the phone, I was ecstatic.

Enjoy the weekend, friends.


Day 4

This morning I had the luxury of a sleep-in, made breakfast, dressed, did a bit of yoga and headed out the door. Work was a hive of activity. I came to the library afterwards to grab a few DVDs and just enjoy the space. Plans for the weekend include a handful of tasks around communications, and lots of self-care.

Some stuff still on my mind, but my head doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off, so it’s been a good day 😀


breathing room

The gratitude I feel for this extended weekend is bone-deep.

In as much as I can have no agenda, I’ve managed to make it this far into the day without beating myself up. It’s also sunny and I have the whole day to enjoy it and soak up some light and vitamin D which is super and a nice alternative to deprivation and desperation that I seem to be taking rather hard lately. As gatekeeper/Admin. it’s an occupational hazard.

As I’ve noticed and shared recently (at its most intense, nearly a month to the day), people are not doing so well; they are seeking appropriate help, which is good, admirable, and so important. But holding space for each person and practicing my own self-care has proven to be a challenge.

I took myself out this afternoon, had an omelette, a coffee, a change of scenery.

Remembering to eat, tidying up, reading, yoga, tunes and most especially laundry, these are the items on my to do list for Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

I’m taking it one step at a time and that’s all I can do and all I can say.






more miles to the road (2)

Mom came for a visit on Family Day which was awesome 🙂

We had a good chat about all the latest, caught up on various familial threads, walked a couple of kilometres, grabbed some groceries and seized the day! We had breakfast for dinner at The Waffle House and it was so freaking satisfying.

Thanks, Mom ❤




Rewinding in 2019:

I came home from the library with an armful of entertainment recently, consisting of the following films: The Great Gatsby, Wonder, The Godfather, Roman J Israel, Esq., and The Jungle Book.

Wonder made me cry. Gatsby was captivating, Denzel as Roman J Israel, Esq., was unrecognizable and thoroughly compelling — I would have watched it over again, but had to return it promptly or risk losing more money from my ‘laundry’ jar to the library for overdue loans. The Godfather I grabbed out of curiosity and to prepare myself for the next time Ruby tosses a choice quote into the conversation — it’s a work in progress. I had tried watching The Jungle Book several times since it’s release and could not manage to enjoy it; I wanted to try again. This time, I ran with the pack 🙂

In all, the time I spent as an audience member was a wonderful hiatus from reality, with much popcorn and many blankets ❤


No guarantees

So I hopped on the coffee-train yesterday afternoon and the result was disastrous. However, the location could not be beat, with a engaging community of diverse individuals and perfect view to Main Street’s Saturday happenings. So today I’ll go back and try tea instead and run some errands.

You fool your self into thinking that once you have your shit together, it will stay together if you just play by the rules. But that’s not how it works, you must do things with intent and forgiveness and commitment to continuing that work with as much grace and laughter as you are able. Also, don’t forget to have some fun and break some rules! Life doesn’t come with guarantees.

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My friend proposed a picnic on Tuesday which I am looking forward to already.
Music lifts me up this morning and it’s a fantastic feeling, it’s feeding that internal fire, which I’ll admit has been getting a tad scrawny lately.

The day is still young and I’ve the advantage of not  feeling like I’m 500 years old, so I will  end this now and get on with my rule-breaking.




Vendredi, etc.

Friday was good. It was satisfying, because I got done what needed to get done, including closing some files, prepping information packages, updating data, and getting some paper people ready for archiving. It was just an ordinary, comfortable Friday.

I left work around 6pm and went to check out the New West night market on Front St. It was small but lively 🙂 Now I’m home and planning to enjoy some down time. Looking forward to meeting a friend tomorrow afternoon, and also a chance of showers in the forecast!

Not having to go anywhere or do anything for the rest of the evening, plus the fact that it’s Friday, and Outlander, Season 3 has miraculously appeared on Netflix makes me so happy.

Good night, friends 🙂