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less than super

I’m afraid this week is going to beat me.

On the downside:

i am indescribably tired
my sink clogged
my costs have increased
i do not appreciate stairs, and i’ve climbed too many
my commute was extended
i’ve been freezing cold and soaking wet for hours
my shoes have been torturing my feet
the pile on my desk is starting to look dangerous
my office or lack there of is really not helping
there is only 1 of me, and enough work work for 5 of me
i got lost
i hate being late

On the upside:

mom came to visit and it was fantastic
i have been eating well
home is the best


i could REALLY use a hug
hot chocolate wouldn’t go amiss
it’s not all rainbows and unicorns

I am only one woman, I am only human.
I will try my damnedest to make it to the end of Friday.

Hope your ‘upside’ list is coming along better than your ‘downside’ list.





I’ve noticed boats have recently overtaken my life… I don’t think this is a bad thing, really.

  • My sister said she ‘fell off the boat’ and I collapsed into giggles
  • My father and I were in a boat and it was fantastic
  • I was recently boat-hopping between BC Ferries and the SeaBus
  • Work transitions have been compared to rocky boats and seeking safe harbour
  • My team members have been separated into different lifeboats, and have been castaway to small islands as the ship weathers the storm a few kilometers off-shore
  • My network/communication often slips past ‘like ships in the night’
  • Shared experience says we are ‘in the same boat’

That’s about it!


10/10 mind games

  1. I need space; please get out of my face.
  2. Vocab and jargon are key, spelling and grammar are important.
  3. Readability can’t be overstated.
  4. Infrastrucure is a must.
  5. Health and Sustainability is the goal.

I think of myself lately as a kind of hunter gatherer. I see the effort from start to finish. I collect information, I rally people and I track down the missing pieces. In the work that I do, and the way that I work, the 5 points above are paramount.

early thursdays

Notes on the tail-end of the week:

I couldn’t sleep. Thursday was a bit of a blur; rather indistinct. Sorry, Wednesday — it is currently 1:17am on Thursday, hence the post title. But when I went to sleep, though I didn’t stay that way, it was Wednesday. Wednesday was a blur.

Right here, right now, I am restless and I am not going to fight myself to go back to dreamland. This post is for lack of any better alternative and also a chance to literally clear my mind. My mind has been very busy. I have been very busy.


I have worked hard to get to this place. I can afford to be generous, and my answer to anything right now is “Go for it! Why not?”

Cashew ice-cream (dairy-free) is awesome. Best part of the week 😀

I’m in a process of renewal. It started with a hair-cut this summer (in August?!) and since then, I’ve been on a roll.


Work is on my mind. I am hoping to get through the next 2 weeks in one piece, and fingers crossed that by that time the majority of ducks will be in a row. The current office space is in Vancouver. The BB Admins are cobbling together the necessities this week, finishing up adjustment/training period #1 next week and preparing to roll out the new and improved version the following week. At least, that’s how the picture looks in my head.

Here’s hoping I can stay strong and see the new and improved version to a successful conclusion. After that, I would like to request a 7-day chunk where I can take time away from everything and give it back to myself.

I’d like to be able to recharge enough so that I can stop scheduling my days and resorting to #notenoughtimeintheday. I’d like to give myself enough time to accomplish what needs to be done and then actually have time to be bored! 2 days, 4 days — from past experience — is not enough time. But 7 days, I think would be sufficient 🙂



The way it was

via Daily Prompt: Penchant

Looking back, I find it rather comical what I remember as being considered the most important to the adults in my life.

Faster, faster, faster. Nothing could be done fast enough. That review of Dragon in a Wagon, the paper on Confederation, survival skill training, finding a lab partner or someone to talk to during French conversation.

Printing, my ‘a’s apparently looked like ‘u’s — I imagine they still do, there’s just nobody left to breathe down my neck in pursuit of perfection. And may I just add that my printing and spelling has always been and remains exceptionally legible and up to snuff? They say don’t sweat the small stuff, and this stuff was pretty small and my teachers were definitely sweating!

And eye contact, wow! I was bugged about that constantly. I wonder if they ever considered the people I had have the hardest time looking at, have the hardest eyes, like how a dog glares just before they’ve decided there’s no choice but to attack. I understand that eye contact isn’t everything for everyone in every culture but for people and cultures where it is important, you could try making your eye-balls a little more approachable!

So among other things, I’ve a penchant for taking things at my own speed, devil take those who want to hurry the process, for printing rebel ‘a’s and offering soft eyes and no judgement if you’d prefer not to look eye to eye 🙂


If, then.

via Daily Prompt: Peculiar

People have peculiar habits and do some pretty strange things.

I can think of a few of mine (1) signing my name at the end of nearly everything in written communication, whether it be comments on a site, a text message or blog post or email. Apparently that’s weird. Personally I find it lends clarity and sincerity to the discussion 🙂

But generally, if it feels good and it’s not hurting anybody, I say ‘Go for it!’

That’s all, really.