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pleasant surprises

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Thursday convo:

This Thursday night was great. We are almost a week into September and that word is almost returned to my vocabulary. I only stumbled twice today in a full day of leaving messages for people, ...'Be sure to leave the date and time of your call...' Ok. Well, then... "Hello! This is Sam... Today is Aug-- … Continue reading Thursday convo:

I killed my plant

My succulent has expired. Kinda ironic 🙂 Today was very solid otherwise... Got everything done/organized for the day at work -- Maysome made me a cup of tea, which was just perfect! Made it home on the bus without incident. Dinner was amazingly restorative, with the house to myself, clean kitchen, good tunes and fresh food that … Continue reading I killed my plant

Feeling joyful

Without further ado, and in no particular order: Talking with friends, laughing with family. Popcorn and movies. Sunny weekends. Rainy weekends. Blankets and books. Artistry, warmth. Contentment. Green spaces, wild places. Community. Goodness. Last but certainly not least: My headphones and fiddle are just too fantastic for words.