All the gory details

Friday had to top my list for worst day of 2018 so far. It was rough. I'm glad I had the option to turn and run, but seriously pissed I didn't have anywhere to run to. I've been working long hours, trying to get out from under a truckload of paperwork and transition. And the... Continue Reading →


Nothing for it

I've come to terms once again with the fact that not everything can be on my terms. And it's eating me still. I'm frustrated beyond words. I'm shaking and I imagine my eyes burning holes into anyone who chooses to attempt to divert my attention elsewhere, like a very angry cat-- I'd like to roar... Continue Reading →

Creative measures and endeavors

I think my dad put it best when he said, "Sammy, you need a little house and a big dog." I'm trying to do too much, I know. And physical representations of home are not quite all there; I feel a welcome visitor but not yet a true resident. Regardless, I did enjoy playing some... Continue Reading →

Cello, chocolate, transit and tofu

The past 3 days have been fantastic. It started with pancakes and worked out beautifully. Lots of food, adventure, reading, music, friends and bliss. The bus driver and I are already like old friends -- "Folks, we're taking a short detour and will be back on track in a moment." Me: Where the heck are we going?! A... Continue Reading →

Benevolent Chaos 4.0

Day 2/Week 1: Today is Wednesday. We've been in the new office space all together (BB) for 2 days. I'm already in love. It is so great to have everyone under 1 roof again, to have a space for supplies and my own private office. The team is back in the double digits and multi-lingual,... Continue Reading →

Benevolent Chaos 2.0

My head feels like it's going to explode. There is only so much one can do by one's self in a day and I have done everything that I possibly can and still remembered to eat real food and brush my teeth -- which deserves kudos. I know there is an analogy where if your... Continue Reading →

Making all the difference

Some of the good things that happened today... Didn't have to wake up early; it was not a requirement. Have the cold beat: "Thag you berry buch" (The Hobbit) Ate chocolate with pretzels, and chai tea at the quirky cafe down the street and watched the rain fall. Bought groceries and was surprised to find... Continue Reading →

Mythic proportions

On how surprising it can sometimes be to get to know someone you know of or thought you knew: The mind boggles. There are people I barely recognize and people who seem to remain always steadfast and warm-hearted. My own siblings are chock full of surprises, and myself, I catch glimpses of me wearing different... Continue Reading →

Them’s the rules

Getting home today seemed to take an eternity. However, this incident made me laugh heartily on the inside 🙂 'Sir, you can not bring a dog on the bus.' 'But I'm not,' says an honest, hopeful voice with no hint of malice or deception. I peer around out the open door from my seat behind... Continue Reading →

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