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Park first (questions later)

i had the weirdest dream this morning. neighbour sneezed, thankful it jolted me awake. craving warmth and sleep. fresh bread, homemade peanut butter. tea and i can still breathe. it's time to be present and not preoccupied. However... scared the double-sided adhesive strips will get me into trouble. no energy today. and still trying to sit … Continue reading Park first (questions later)



I feel off. Like something is missing. Like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like everyone is too busy caught up in their own lives to spare a thought for anyone else. Like we all follow the arbitrary daily programming because we've been told if we don't the day is wasted and we … Continue reading Unsettling

Cello, chocolate, transit and tofu

The past 3 days have been fantastic. It started with pancakes and worked out beautifully. Lots of food, adventure, reading, music, friends and bliss. The bus driver and I are already like old friends -- "Folks, we're taking a short detour and will be back on track in a moment." Me: Where the heck are we going?! A … Continue reading Cello, chocolate, transit and tofu