Nothing for it

I've come to terms once again with the fact that not everything can be on my terms. And it's eating me still. I'm frustrated beyond words. I'm shaking and I imagine my eyes burning holes into anyone who chooses to attempt to divert my attention elsewhere, like a very angry cat-- I'd like to roar... Continue Reading →


Cello, chocolate, transit and tofu

The past 3 days have been fantastic. It started with pancakes and worked out beautifully. Lots of food, adventure, reading, music, friends and bliss. The bus driver and I are already like old friends -- "Folks, we're taking a short detour and will be back on track in a moment." Me: Where the heck are we going?! A... Continue Reading →

Quiet brilliance

I've finished reading my book, and found my feet again. And my hair is driving me nuts! 😛 Anyways... I awoke on Saturday having no idea what time it was and later discovered I had by conservative estimate slept 14 hours straight. I felt amazing. Saturday was amazing. I felt so alive and so loved. Also, Twink got a haircut... Continue Reading →

Not for me.

I wrote myself an unavoidable note today... ATTN: SAMANTHA COFFEE MAKES YOU FEEL AWFUL.  DO NOT CONSUME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Followed by a list of alternative beverage choices. I don't know what it is, or why, but coffee and I are non-compatible, and that is non-negotiable. The room spins and I feel nauseous and shaky... Continue Reading →

Rough seas

Moral of the story: Everything is connected. And sometimes all you can do is wait. Lately, I've been living day by day and week by week, being as flexible as I can while still striving for peace and continuity in the office and out of it. It has been long! I can hardly wait to... Continue Reading →

Life In General:

Thoughts from today on how I got here and where I'm going. Friends, I worked really hard to follow the prompts for an extended period of time from August 5 to Sept 18 to give myself a bit of a challenge and look at things through a slightly different lens -- so if you get the chance... Continue Reading →

Locked, or lost?

via Daily Prompt: Instinct Is instinct all about self-preservation? I have to wonder if we as humans do/will have any left, having been presented with so many options, so many difficult choices or on the flip-side crushed by convenience, now and throughout history. What if, through some magic, the world was 'rewild-ed' and we were... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Glitter The level of comfort and inspiration and joy I get from reading can not be overstated. JRR Tolkien is one of my most favourite authors. And this poem immediately came to mind on reading the prompt today -- I've decided to start another month-long venture, so here goes! All that is gold... Continue Reading →

No pain, no gain?

First, this is my blog and these are my opinions, informed by my experiences. People say that tough times build character, that you learn something about yourself, your abilities, and areas of growth when facing adversity. Some say God never gives you more than what you can handle, that you don't know your limits until... Continue Reading →

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