The Sammy Shuffle: an introduction

Hi there!

Lately I have been wondering if I should try writing more about disability, living with a disability, and advocacy/self advocacy.

Because I realize that my perspective is unique, my situation is unique, and that really no one fully understands or considers the world from my point of view.

And I realize that I have the opportunity to enlighten the people reading this blog, and also and the opportunity to flesh out my ideas and opinions and thoughts on my experiences and issues that are important to me, which either way, is a win.

So, I am going to give it a shot.

I want to be honest, I want to be articulate. But I’m warning you, these posts may be a little messier than usual, a little less artsy. I am going to spell it out as clearly as I can.

For example: rather than politely state a difference of opinion, I may instead say, “I absolutely don’t agree- and here’s why…”.

I acknowledge that you may not like what you read, you may not agree, and when it comes right down to it, there’s a possibility that I won’t like or agree with everything I’ve written either. It is a learning process for all of us.

I am open to exploring that process, and I hope you are too.




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