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A few weeks ago I attended mandatory workplace training in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and learned a few basic practical applications and physical intervention skills  As the aggressor one may decide to grab, hit, throw, punch, kick or yell. As the  person being targeted, one may have to avoid, deflect or escape various holds, blows and … Continue reading NVCI+PWD = ??


The way it was

via Daily Prompt: Penchant Looking back, I find it rather comical what I remember as being considered the most important to the adults in my life. Faster, faster, faster. Nothing could be done fast enough. That review of Dragon in a Wagon, the paper on Confederation, survival skill training, finding a lab partner or someone to … Continue reading The way it was


via Daily Prompt: Educate Listening to this broadcast by CBC on the dilemma of disclosing disability at work (for more info, click here). Education and a willingness to adapt and come together is I would say, the biggest take away. Nobody is invincible, the population is aging and changing and diversity and accessibility are strengths … Continue reading Adaptation