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Benevolent Chaos 3.0

There's a picture on our fridge at home of one of the first, if not the first time we went to the PNE. If you're having a bad day, all you have to do is look at that picture and the bad feeling is suddenly not so bad. We are on the old wooden roller coaster, terrified … Continue reading Benevolent Chaos 3.0


early thursdays

Notes on the tail-end of the week: I couldn't sleep. Thursday was a bit of a blur; rather indistinct. Sorry, Wednesday -- it is currently 1:17am on Thursday, hence the post title. But when I went to sleep, though I didn't stay that way, it was Wednesday. Wednesday was a blur. Right here, right now, … Continue reading early thursdays

Atypical Saturday

via Daily Prompt: Delivery Saturday was filled to the gills. I was awake 'til late on Friday night and then got up early to attend a half-day course on suicide intervention. Afterwards, I spent the afternoon walking up and down Main street taking in local history, music and culture before coming home exhausted, but pleased, … Continue reading Atypical Saturday