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10/10 mind games

  1. I need space; please get out of my face.
  2. Vocab and jargon are key, spelling and grammar are important.
  3. Readability can’t be overstated.
  4. Infrastrucure is a must.
  5. Health and Sustainability is the goal.

I think of myself lately as a kind of hunter gatherer. I see the effort from start to finish. I collect information, I rally people and I track down the missing pieces. In the work that I do, and the way that I work, the 5 points above are paramount.


Touching base

I had dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. It was great. I love food.

I need to focus back on myself, because the world is getting a little too noisy. Tea, cello, dance and books are on my list.

Monday’s dinner with M+D was delicious 🙂 The milkshake was… wow! And I’m so happy my dog is clean and happy — and so handsome with his new hair cut and bow-tie ❤

I’m off to popcorn and a movie.




The Sammy Shuffle: part 23

I know ‘excellent’ is not typically a word people use to describe Mondays. But today was pretty darn good. I’m supposed to be making a real dinner, but I will most likely end up just making popcorn this evening 😛

I’ve been watching the TV show Switched at Birth – season 4 just popped up on Netflix. I like that the cast is made up of actors with lived experience and not just actors acting or researching roles, though I understand and value that view.

And it just made me think, that I really should take some disability studies courses! It would be so interesting to explore that more, to maybe meet more people who speak my language, or understand a bit of the culture in and around the disability community, learn something new, share experiences and perspectives.

So, next bit of that was, ok, where? Where could I take the courses? I thought right away of CapU, because hey! I know the campus, it’s nearby, they’ve got lots of courses available. In fact, they have a Kinesiology program, Special Education Assistant program, Autism Applied Behaviour Analysis program, even a Rehabilitation, Music Therapy and Care Assistant program… For crying out loud, they should have disability studies; the disabled community should have some actual presence and representation on campus…

Followed by, well, their disability services department is basically held together by a single dedicated person, the disability community there is zip or all still hidden away somewhere and afraid to venture into the light. The Accessibility (formerly Disability) Collective meetings were attended by maybe three people despite heroically active efforts to engage the wider community throughout my time there. And most people I talked to then (and continue to talk with now), gave the old sympathetic “I know exactly how you feel. I understand. Here, let me help you.” spiel without a clue what they’re talking about.

It made me sad, honestly. To think that Cap prides itself on being welcoming and inclusive and respectful of students from all over the world, from all different backgrounds, giving back to the community, when the visibility and voice of minority groups and the overall sense of community on campus is just so, so small. At least, that was my experience.

I’d just like to be truly seen and heard, to have a say, and nurture a greater understanding of this part of my identity, because I believe it is vitally important. And I’m not the only one, though sometimes it might feel that way.

More research is needed. The other option would be to take online/distance courses, which could be fun! Or just up and move across the country 🙂 I’m not slamming any doors.

The popcorn is calling!




Hey you!

*A brief reminder to myself to make the most of 2017:

Do more of what makes you happy
Show up. Speak up. Stay current
Expression through art
Connect the dots
Small steps add up
Visit more often –people, places and paradise
Turn over the closet
Turn on the phone
Just do it –no filler needed!
Let go, take leaps and look up.
Write, play, live joyously

PC: castleguard/Pixaby.com


via the Daily Prompt: Mope

The word mope makes me sad. I don’t think I’ve ever done much moping. As mentioned in previous posts, I usually manage to keep myself pretty positive and well-entertained 🙂

I have been called a ‘Christmas wimp’ by my mother, though– 3 times in one day, Christmas Day. For attempting to refuse chocolates and a hot mincemeat tart before 9am, for hesitating to have a Guinness with my turkey sandwich at lunch and for not eating enough pumpkin pie with whipped cream. It could be worse! My mom takes mothering, and good food very seriously. It’s a win-win, really 🙂

My aims over Christmas were to enjoy myself thoroughly, eat and sleep as much as possible, visit family, maximize hugs, watch movies, read my book and make sure my dog was happy. I think I got it all covered.

That’s it for the anti-thesis,


— A Christmas wimp



via the Daily Prompt: Maddening

Thus prompted, I immediately thought of the movie, Far from the Madding Crowd (2015) based on Thomas Hardy’s book by the same name. I watched it over the summer, on Netflix at the end of a really satisfying day.

I really enjoyed the movie, and would like to read the book eventually! The film was well-acted and crafted, with a soundtrack that I loved and listened to on Youtube for weeks afterwards 🙂




Once-over, again

I am not used to seeing myself all at once, but I’m getting better at appreciating what I see in that full-length mirror.

Thank you, for the weekend, for hot water, for tea, for kindred spirits.

“These slippers are unisex, so they can go on either foot!” –Dad

Current goals are to worry less, drink more water, and have some fun, because I’ve been taking life a little too seriously.

Homemade Moroccan stew and sister-time is amazing, as are pancakes and lazy Sundays.


PC: geralt/Pixabay.com

Several hours later

Remember I said I needed a nap? I had one. It ended up being 2.5hrs instead of say, 20mins. But that’s ok. I was really in need of it. Obviously. Except now I need to go to sleep for more than 2.5hrs and I can’t do it!

Check this book of Micro-fiction out, here if you’re looking for something else to read at this hour. Hopefully, my writing doesn’t put you to sleep…Some of the stories in this book kept me up for a very long time 🙂  It’s a very fast read though!

I’m working through my bookshelf, finally– reading what I own, but have not yet read, instead of just rereading my most cherished tales! It’s a double-whammy at the moment. The titles are Ru and The Best of James Herriot. I will report back once I’ve finished them both.


Life Lessons (applied)

I have a passionate dislike for overkill and overstepping. Your input at that level was not required. Who hijacked your brain for that particular task, topic or conversation? It’s invasive and it makes me feel vulnerable.

Whether it’s 500 books in the closet when only 50 should have been ordered, or some guy at the bus stop who tells me he’s “a real gentleman” who fails to shower or respect personal space, hearing grievances or triumphs on a loop, or having an important project taken hostage by someone convinced they know more about it than anyone else at the table, I recoil, gather my wits and move forward.

Small steps– build on what you have. Break down the criteria and add distance, distraction and duration gradually. Be clear, and consistent. Know what you want. Reinforce the good stuff. Say it once, only once! Listen! Watch! Practice! Don’t be afraid of revision, these things take time, have some fun! That’s what dog training is in 5 lines or less. But it is also life! Life skills, people skills, communication skills, learning to learn and showing compassion and respect for other beings.

You can have as many motivational quotes and inspiring speakers and incredible feats as you like but it means nothing if you cannot relate and translate it into real world experiences.

So, I don’t order more books, I take inventory and communicate with my team. I thank them for their hard work, respect their contributions. I ask the ‘gentleman’ to stop his advance and create a situation where the undesirable behaviour cannot occur. I listen, watch and assess progress. I set criteria, work to deadlines, build rapport and fill in the gaps. And I have fun!

It’s my life, and I’m passionate about it. It’s a good thing, trust me 🙂



*Daily prompt September 18 (Passionate)

For my brother

Uppermost in my mind on reading the prompt today? This video 😀 ❤

Also, that time I had a pile of papers on my desk destined for the shredder, with the words “SHRED IT!” scratched hastily across the top page in caps and Forrest, seeing it thought it was an excellent motivational quote, “SHRED IT!” which he could put on his desk for inspiration. Though the original pile is long gone, I might just follow suit 🙂


*Entry in response to the daily prompt September 13 (Radical)