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10/10 mind games

I need space; please get out of my face. Vocab and jargon are key, spelling and grammar are important. Readability can't be overstated. Infrastrucure is a must. Health and Sustainability is the goal. I think of myself lately as a kind of hunter gatherer. I see the effort from start to finish. I collect information, … Continue reading 10/10 mind games


Touching base

I had dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. It was great. I love food. I need to focus back on myself, because the world is getting a little too noisy. Tea, cello, dance and books are on my list. Monday's dinner with M+D was delicious 🙂 The milkshake was... wow! And I'm so happy … Continue reading Touching base

Life Lessons (applied)

I have a passionate dislike for overkill and overstepping. Your input at that level was not required. Who hijacked your brain for that particular task, topic or conversation? It's invasive and it makes me feel vulnerable. Whether it's 500 books in the closet when only 50 should have been ordered, or some guy at the … Continue reading Life Lessons (applied)