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via the Daily Prompt: Retreat "Write it all down," my mom told me once, when I was flailing in the dark and not sure anyone gave a crap about the pain I was living through. And I did. All the things I cannot say, I write. It keeps me from retreating and pushes me forward. It … Continue reading Retreat



via the Daily Prompt: Discover I like unplanned early mornings, mornings every once in a while -- in my case at least --where you just happen to wake up at 3am or 5am when the world is quiet and still or at least not moving quite so fast. Sometimes I read, sometimes I just breathe, … Continue reading Hush

Bits and pieces: an update

"There is a crack in everything/That's how the light gets in" Leonard Cohen has died. And, these past weeks have been incredibly difficult. It's not been smooth sailing, more like white-water rafting. I'm trying not to discount how I feel. To tell myself that it's ok not to feel ok. There have been bright spots, joyful … Continue reading Bits and pieces: an update