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Summers, growing pains

Life, it seems, is never dull. I don't think I've been bored for more than 5 minutes for all of recent history, by which I mean as much and as far back as I can remember, and most especially the past 3 years.... In the beginning of 2015, I moved out of my volunteer role … Continue reading Summers, growing pains


Street snap

I don't take a lot of photos, and I'm not in a lot of photos. Here's one I really like though! From the trip to Quebec with Forrest, Mom and Dad (summer 2016-- you can read about our adventures here on this blog, if you so desire 🙂 ) --Sam

It’s all fun + games

Until somebody gets hurt... Christmas Day: Twink was the perfect gentleman, looking smart in his business bow and chewing cheerfully on his new favourite florescent green, rubber 'rock' #bestchristmasever ❤ RB the BT made a break for it and ate 150 grams of chocolate with tinfoil and I wanted to roll my eyes, laugh and … Continue reading It’s all fun + games

How goes it? Interviews and other things

Does anyone really know the answer to that question? I don't. Maybe it's because it's not so much one question, as a series of questions. How do you feel? Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. What big events have occurred? Love, loss, celebrations, defamations; social, political, personal, economical, environmental... Mentally, I feel good. Physically, my shoulders hurt … Continue reading How goes it? Interviews and other things