Street snap

I don't take a lot of photos, and I'm not in a lot of photos. Here's one I really like though! From the trip to Quebec with Forrest, Mom and Dad (summer 2016-- you can read about our adventures here on this blog, if you so desire 🙂 ) --Sam


Ocean-going vessel

via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic The waves slip by and the boat rocks gently. The sun is warm on my face and the sky is so blue it hurts. It's clear and crisp and beautiful and I am in a state of bliss. It's just past noon and fall is upon us. Everything is tucked away... Continue Reading →

It’s all fun + games

Until somebody gets hurt... Christmas Day: Twink was the perfect gentleman, looking smart in his business bow and chewing cheerfully on his new favourite florescent green, rubber 'rock' #bestchristmasever ❤ RB the BT made a break for it and ate 150 grams of chocolate with tinfoil and I wanted to roll my eyes, laugh and... Continue Reading →

Take a bow

via the Daily Prompt: Ovation At first dig, I had nothing I wanted to write for this prompt. All my ideas seemed incomplete and inconsequential, fluff, filler. And I wanted more than that today. And then, well, the ball started rollin'. There was discussion over Christmas about the good, bad and ugly of growing up... Continue Reading →


via the Daily Prompt: Retreat "Write it all down," my mom told me once, when I was flailing in the dark and not sure anyone gave a crap about the pain I was living through. And I did. All the things I cannot say, I write. It keeps me from retreating and pushes me forward. It... Continue Reading →


via the Daily Prompt: Discover I like unplanned early mornings, mornings every once in a while -- in my case at least --where you just happen to wake up at 3am or 5am when the world is quiet and still or at least not moving quite so fast. Sometimes I read, sometimes I just breathe,... Continue Reading →

High gear

via the Daily Prompt: Calm I haven't been calm in the usual sense, for quite a while. There's a frenetic energy in and about everything, or just in me personally, I've lost the ability to tell. "Next! Next! Next! Hurry! Next!" seems to be running through my head constantly these days. I need to plan... Continue Reading →

How goes it? Interviews and other things

Does anyone really know the answer to that question? I don't. Maybe it's because it's not so much one question, as a series of questions. How do you feel? Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. What big events have occurred? Love, loss, celebrations, defamations; social, political, personal, economical, environmental... Mentally, I feel good. Physically, my shoulders hurt... Continue Reading →

The Scene

via Daily Prompt: Flee I feel creaky today. I need to flee the chaos and crawl under the covers. Get cozy and re-charge. Yes, I know it's only Monday, but I'm beat. --Sam  

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