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Uncomfortable (3)

A few months ago, I panicked. I had a panic attack. This was diagnosed after I spent 3 hours shut in a room by myself, to write an open book test for which I had prepared. I am an experienced test taker. I prepare, I budget my time, I get good grades. I don't panic. In … Continue reading Uncomfortable (3)


Uncomfortable (2)

I have lots of Aha! moments. I am learning all the time. Navigating. I know what makes me happy. I love a story well-told, good food, meaningful conversations, listening to and making music, loving my dog, being clean, being healthy, laughing at stupid jokes, camping in the tent in the rain, reading, writing, and researching. I … Continue reading Uncomfortable (2)

What’s new with you?

I thought I'd write this, just so that I at least, would have it on file... New stuff has been coming from all directions. And if I'm being honest, it's quite overwhelming. I have a new job, which I love, with new responsibilities-- an office (!!) and the opportunity to speak to someone new everyday. … Continue reading What’s new with you?