Uncomfortable (3)

A few months ago, I panicked. I had a panic attack. This was diagnosed after I spent 3 hours shut in a room by myself, to write an open book test for which I had prepared. I am an experienced test taker. I prepare, I budget my time, I get good grades. I don't panic. In... Continue Reading →


Uncomfortable (2)

I have lots of Aha! moments. I am learning all the time. Navigating. I know what makes me happy. I love a story well-told, good food, meaningful conversations, listening to and making music, loving my dog, being clean, being healthy, laughing at stupid jokes, camping in the tent in the rain, reading, writing, and researching. I... Continue Reading →

Uncomfortable (1)

From a dark place in the past thinking dark thoughts and finding fascination in the way the mind works, and the way people work, and the things that we do and make and become over time.... Vicious Stabs Take vicious stabs at my mind Cursed grey areas of judgment calls and discretion Readings of situations,... Continue Reading →

thoughts on spring

I've been sneezing a lot. I'm trying to pay more attention to the words I use. Please don't gift me stuff. I just want to enjoy the experience, share the moment. Out with the old and tired, and in with the fresh and new. Amen! I would really love some peanut butter, and for someone... Continue Reading →

What’s new with you?

I thought I'd write this, just so that I at least, would have it on file... New stuff has been coming from all directions. And if I'm being honest, it's quite overwhelming. I have a new job, which I love, with new responsibilities-- an office (!!) and the opportunity to speak to someone new everyday.... Continue Reading →

Like it is (1)

I can't be sure, but I think I slept a solid 14hrs. It was great. Really, really great 😀 I've started watching X Company, and it's pretty good. ~ The world's not small anymore, people. Not in the way you knew it, not in the way it was. And the info is not going to be... Continue Reading →

Because it’s fun to play!

I think about playing fiddle all the time and how much fun it is to literally fill the house with music. Forrest and I on fiddle, Rube on piano, Dad on guitar. And if you're really lucky, you might catch me or Rube or Dad singing softly, maybe some cello. We look at each other,... Continue Reading →

2) Life, LOL!

From November 2015 --->  My life has been full of LOLs lately...LOL has a multitude of translations: Live out Loud, Laugh out Loud, Lots of Love and my personal favorite, Lots of Laundry. I went out for dinner with Rube (live), I visited with Mom (love), I watched Despicable Me 2 (laugh). I cleaned house... Continue Reading →

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