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Summers, growing pains

Life, it seems, is never dull. I don't think I've been bored for more than 5 minutes for all of recent history, by which I mean as much and as far back as I can remember, and most especially the past 3 years.... In the beginning of 2015, I moved out of my volunteer role … Continue reading Summers, growing pains


Uncomfortable (3)

A few months ago, I panicked. I had a panic attack. This was diagnosed after I spent 3 hours shut in a room by myself, to write an open book test for which I had prepared. I am an experienced test taker. I prepare, I budget my time, I get good grades. I don't panic. In … Continue reading Uncomfortable (3)

What’s new with you?

I thought I'd write this, just so that I at least, would have it on file... New stuff has been coming from all directions. And if I'm being honest, it's quite overwhelming. I have a new job, which I love, with new responsibilities-- an office (!!) and the opportunity to speak to someone new everyday. … Continue reading What’s new with you?