In Review

2014 was action packed. It was stressful. And it moved so incredibly fast. It has been just over a year since I started this blog (December 13, 2013), and almost 2 years since I first moved in here at Sami Central (February, 2013). Where does the time go?!


In the Dark

Umm, yeah... It is 430pm and DARK outside. Winter is coming, so is Christmas, so is Christmas break- and I have to say: I'm excited! This whole day I've been in the dark. Should I do this? Or that? What does this mean? Really?! Arrgh! LOL! However, the weekend is still mine if you remember,... Continue Reading →

Molasses on a Thursday

I'm moving through molasses. Everything seems sluggish and muted. The weekend is mine- and I plan on maximizing recovery time. Now though, the day must continue. More conversations, more activities. Next up, Crim 101- Corporate Crimes. Then, Sam and Jess eat Chinese and go to the movies; makes me smile just thinking about it. And... Continue Reading →

As if they know nothing

A General Plea: Common sense and common courtesy, professionalism and effective problem solving ability. Under the circumstances, it's not a lot to ask. But apparently it is still too much. How many times must I explain this? How many hoops must I jump through under threat of harsh penalty before you clap and grin, declaring, "Case closed!"?... Continue Reading →

Letter K, Number 9: part 4

Aspiring to be a Professional Dog Trainer: Yes. That is my goal: to become a professional dog trainer. I want to teach new skills to people and animals so they can be the best they can be, helping each other live life to the fullest. I would like to specialize in the training of service dogs for people... Continue Reading →

Letter K, Number 9: part 3

An Introduction to the World of Dog Training: Here's how I see it... Enjoy! 🙂 Career path: It is not straight forward. Do your research. Get hands on experience and learn the science. You will have to get creative, get involved and be open to new opportunities. Preparing for a career in the dog training world is not... Continue Reading →

All in the Same Boat #2

My arm is on fire. The sun is scorching. My sleeve is soggy with sea-spray. Everything rubs and the salt crystals cling to my face, lenses, legs. Water sloshes back and forth, advancing and retreating on my toes as the boat surges. Whit, shoo, whit, shoo; blades cut through the ocean at speed and my... Continue Reading →

Slice o’ Life

Here's a short snippet I wrote awhile ago after a day out around town with Tessa and Kenna. Reading it now, it still makes me smile 🙂 I thought I'd share it. *** Tessa: "You're coming with me! I'm so excited! 😀 Do you know this address?" Sam: "Nope. Sorry!" Tessa: "Ok. We'll find it."... Continue Reading →

Brilliance (part 1)

The latest and greatest. Well, as you may have gathered, I have lately had more than my fair share of weird and wacky encounters with various individuals and situations. So, here's some wonderful to balance it out. I love that moment when things just click, when you can say something like, "Oh. My. God!", "I found... Continue Reading →

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