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In Review

2014 was action packed. It was stressful. And it moved so incredibly fast. It has been just over a year since I started this blog (December 13, 2013), and almost 2 years since I first moved in here at Sami Central (February, 2013). Where does the time go?!


In the Dark

Umm, yeah... It is 430pm and DARK outside. Winter is coming, so is Christmas, so is Christmas break- and I have to say: I'm excited! This whole day I've been in the dark. Should I do this? Or that? What does this mean? Really?! Arrgh! LOL! However, the weekend is still mine if you remember, … Continue reading In the Dark

Molasses on a Thursday

I'm moving through molasses. Everything seems sluggish and muted. The weekend is mine- and I plan on maximizing recovery time. Now though, the day must continue. More conversations, more activities. Next up, Crim 101- Corporate Crimes. Then, Sam and Jess eat Chinese and go to the movies; makes me smile just thinking about it. And … Continue reading Molasses on a Thursday