Really great references

I love what I do and the team I do it with.

I just kinda hope I’m on the right track. I mean, I’m probably over-thinking this, I probably overthink a lot of things, but I wonder sometimes if anyone would care enough to say if things were really haywire and I thought they weren’t.

Sometimes I feel so lost and tired and alone.

It…having good people around you is so fantastic and I’m so happy to have found a group I can share with and be myself, grow and be supported and support others without feeling like an alien from another planet.

I like that, in this group, people don’t just say what you need to hear or want to hear, or what everybody else is saying or because that’s just what you say. There are real conversations with real people experiencing real life in real time and everyone is able to appreciate that, support each other and navigate situations and problem-solve as needed– as fun-loving, knowledgable, intelligent, relatable, human beings. We make mistakes, we experience thoughts and emotions. We wear interesting clothes and have surprising hair, different communication styles and senses of humour. We come from different faiths and backgrounds and roads of life. And yet nothing so far seems an insurmountable challenge, too great of a divide, too radical a shift that we can’t find our feet somehow on common ground.

I trust these people, I trust the research they have done and the lives they have lived and the stories they share. It resonates deeply. And it re-energizes me for the road ahead knowing that I’m not alone in my experience.

With sincerest gratitude,




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