Outside the box

weight pulls at my arms
tension steals into my shoulders
time is the one pulling practical jokes
driftwood crafted by the sand

a word, a choice, a move
why is it so easy to tear someone down
what feeds that need for frenzies and blood
who hid all the friends and the love

today was hard, let’s be honest
day before yesterday, leaving the station
someone said I looked cheerful
they didn’t know chocolate was to blame
next day all hell broke loose
today learned the truth
and that somehow made it worse

my father’s toothbrush sounds
like a massive mosquito
the world’s headed that way
I’d rather breathe live cedar trees

I want to believe in brilliance
and not always rely on resilience
I want to stay alive and thrive
not as a statistic of which we have millions

As night falls,
the ground rises
to meet my feet
and hugs lend warmth
where it is needed
The full breaths,
and quiet mind
speak of undisturbed sleep

This is how it goes today, and no one is more surprised than me.



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