Passionate words

Beautiful No Truth Power Pain Fear Love Yes Trigger Strength 'You love me; real or not real?' Peeta asks Katniss. And I wish sometimes I had someone to ask those essential questions, someone to offer those essential answers, to have a conversation between equals. And honestly, I miss talking to Kita. I miss the trust... Continue Reading →


Conversations on the margins (2)

I really enjoyed the conference. Hearing the elders speak, sharing the experience with other youth and learning more about Canada, diversity, languages, histories and passionate people in 3 days than probably any time in the past 27 years. It's hard when you feel like you are being prescribed facts rather than understanding knowledge passed down... Continue Reading →

I'm not in despair And I know Because I've been there But my lungs rattle and heart hurts Emotions run the gamut Behind a glass face In a glass house Asking transparency Left exposed Facing invisible barriers Building roads no one sees Light burns fast With slow returns For spirited beings With hurting hearts Walk... Continue Reading →

Before eight

Ha! I've had dinner and it's not eight yet! Celebrating the weekend and having the all clear to leave things in disarray. Listening to Florence and the Machine on my bed. Life is good.

Off at 5:

I did a bad thing. I stayed up to an ungodly hour -- new design! Eeek! Now I'm grinning like a fool 'cause I'm ready to crash. I've done laundry, groceries, some reading, writing and been well entertained by way of Youtube, and feasted on a really excellent batch of popcorn. I'm craving Outlander, and looking... Continue Reading →

Over dinner and drinks

Wild Rice Bistro and Old Crow Coffee shop have attached themselves to my heart. And I appreciate that there are a handful of people I can be at ease with. I feel as if I'm nearly always navigating, so it's really spectacular when I can just trust the people and processes and feel the joy... Continue Reading →

All the gory details

Friday had to top my list for worst day of 2018 so far. It was rough. I'm glad I had the option to turn and run, but seriously pissed I didn't have anywhere to run to. I've been working long hours, trying to get out from under a truckload of paperwork and transition. And the... Continue Reading →

Nothing for it

I've come to terms once again with the fact that not everything can be on my terms. And it's eating me still. I'm frustrated beyond words. I'm shaking and I imagine my eyes burning holes into anyone who chooses to attempt to divert my attention elsewhere, like a very angry cat-- I'd like to roar... Continue Reading →

Creative measures and endeavors

I think my dad put it best when he said, "Sammy, you need a little house and a big dog." I'm trying to do too much, I know. And physical representations of home are not quite all there; I feel a welcome visitor but not yet a true resident. Regardless, I did enjoy playing some... Continue Reading →

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