Down the road

Listening to this (below) and typing away 🙂

It’s been a while! I’ve been busy. Busy but good. Whenever I’m not sure how I feel about things, I look at my feet, and then my hands.

It’s a pretty sure thing that when emotions are high, my toes –on their own– curl as tight as they can and stay that way until I remember to take a breath. My hands can really take a beating during stressful times, be it weather, anxiety, fright, benevolent chaos or its less forgiving cousin, long hours and days pounding the pavement or hammering a keyboard, strings practice or lack thereof, it all comes to light with a glance.

Right now, my feet are sore, but uncurled and reasonably relaxed. My hands are riddled with paper-cuts and callouses, starving for moisture with beautifully short nails. They are also comfortably warm, which, all things considered, is a huge win.

I am well. Feeling pretty solid. Dinner was delicious and my bed is luxurious. The soundtrack is superb. It feels great to have time and energy to write again. Popcorn is just around the corner and my plan for tomorrow is promising.

More later,



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