Benevolent Chaos 4.0

Day 2/Week 1:

Today is Wednesday.

We’ve been in the new office space all together (BB) for 2 days. I’m already in love. It is so great to have everyone under 1 roof again, to have a space for supplies and my own private office. The team is back in the double digits and multi-lingual, chock full of amazing people, as I’ve mentioned before. Still ironing out the details.

I’ve been in my new home for 1 week. It is going well. Still ironing out the details.

I am amazed every day. I’m grateful for a place to sit and a place to sleep, that laundry has never been easier to do and that taking a shower is so simple and restorative. Time has been bending and I have never had such difficulty in determining the day of the week until recently. I’m glad I’m not the only one, that there are people who understand and can laugh with me about it and cobble together impromptu chocolate breaks.

Everything, everywhere is still in pieces, but at least all the pieces are (mostly) in one spot 🙂 It has been and is a blur.

The weekend is near and I’m ecstatic.

I need an empty day to tackle my room and confer with my housemate and put a few more pieces into place. Right now, finding my glasses and keys and knowing for certain that it is February 7th (Only?! Already?!) is about all I can handle.

Thank you for your patience and warmth. If there’s not much visible now, and not too many signs of life, just know that I’m ok and there’s a whole lot happening behind the scenes.

All the best,



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