Benevolent Chaos 3.0

There’s a picture on our fridge at home of one of the first, if not the first time we went to the PNE. If you’re having a bad day, all you have to do is look at that picture and the bad feeling is suddenly not so bad. We are on the old wooden roller coaster, terrified and travelling at high speed to say the least. It grows on you after a few tries, but you wouldn’t know it to look at the kids’ faces in this photo.

The feeling I have today, and the feeling I’ve had for weeks now is very close to how I experienced that introductory ride: terrified, traveling at high speeds, stomach-dropping, jaw-clenching, knuckle-whitening, face-altering, gravity-fuelled, I really hope this seatbelt works kind of exhilaration and breathlessness that leaves you stunned for a moment afterwards before you decide that, yes, that was…fun, and you feel ready almost for another go.

I’ve switched gears, jumped wave-lengths, pondered much and packed and unpacked a ridiculous amount of boxes. Today has not been quite the warm and fuzzy kind of day I was banking on, I feel pretty woozy. But, for the moment, everything that needs doing is done, and I feel I’ve done pretty well.

Find you stride, keep your eyes open, time is fleeting.       –S. Riesco


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