Month: February 2018

Down the road

Listening to this (below) and typing away 🙂 It's been a while! I've been busy. Busy but good. Whenever I'm not sure how I feel about things, I look at my feet, and then my hands. It's a pretty sure thing that when emotions are high, my toes --on their own-- curl as tight as … Continue reading Down the road


Cello, chocolate, transit and tofu

The past 3 days have been fantastic. It started with pancakes and worked out beautifully. Lots of food, adventure, reading, music, friends and bliss. The bus driver and I are already like old friends -- "Folks, we're taking a short detour and will be back on track in a moment." Me: Where the heck are we going?! A … Continue reading Cello, chocolate, transit and tofu