syndrome similarities

White-nosed bat syndrome is a serious disease affecting bat populations. And it is wiping these little mammals out at an alarming rate. I honestly don’t know much more than that.

Lately, I’ve noticed some interesting similarities between myself and the bats:

They hibernate in caves in winter. They are mammals. They are small. Ok, that’s pretty much it. BUT, the way that this disease kills them, is very, very similiar to the way that this cold is trying to kill me: They get sores, and the sores don’t heal and they lose fluid slowly through these sores and other means and get dehydrated. They also burn 2x the calories waking up all the time, when they are supposed to be hibernating, to try and clean/heal themselves. Basically, they get dehydrated and burn through all of their reserves and starve.

Case in point: I’d love to hibernate. I can’t because I work full-time. And the hours I’m keeping and commuting right now are not fun. I’m waking up all the time. I’m also sick at the moment and my eyes are watering like a waterfall and my nose is running like a tap and dehydration is a serious risk, despite my ridiculous parade of tea and water and soup that I ingest at every conceivable opportunity during this time of the year and this week in particular when it seems my immune system was overcome for the first — and hopefully last time in 2018.

The timing is terrible. My days are packed. They can’t get any fuller.¬†Fingers crossed things will slow down soon and I won’t have to invest in an IV this weekend.

Stay strong, friends!


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