scraping by

What a week!!!

Jan 24th I felt ill. Went home early. Slept for 14hrs. Felt better.

Jan 25th was hectic (I have no memory of it actually).

Jan 26th was awfully long but worth it because in the end I got to spend some quality time with my sibs.

Jan 27th was moving day with a mushroom burger and milkshake. Best part was staying warm and dry and the mushroom burger with fries.

Jan 28th Blackfish Nacho’s and shared birthday celebrations.

Jan 29th boxing the office. Box total: 26.

Jan 30th Survivor: Riesco edition 2.0. I do have a toothbrush, and shoes… But that’s about it #hindsightis2020 #temporarypermanence

Jan 31st Fingers crossed the final steps are smooth ones, because this pace is getting ridiculous.

So, now that’s 7-in-1.

Until next time,



Benevolent Chaos 2.0

My head feels like it’s going to explode.

There is only so much one can do by one’s self in a day and I have done everything that I possibly can and still remembered to eat real food and brush my teeth — which deserves kudos. I know there is an analogy where if your brain is a computer all the tabs open in the browser of your choice are the thoughts top of mind. Right now, I have so many freakin’ tabs open that a system crash is imminent.

It’s all good stuff, but it’s getting to be too much.

That’s all I have the energy to say right now.

More later,


Making all the difference

Some of the good things that happened today…

  • Didn’t have to wake up early; it was not a requirement.
  • Have the cold beat: “Thag you berry buch” (The Hobbit)
  • Ate chocolate with pretzels, and chai tea at the quirky cafe down the street and watched the rain fall.
  • Bought groceries and was surprised to find my bag emptied and re-packed neatly by the cashier, treating everyone with a genuine warmth and ease that is so hard to see sometimes — it made my day.
  • I managed one load of laundry and one of recycling.
  • Made it to the bank, changed some change and left feeling so wonderfully featherlight. No idea how I lasted that long!
  • All of my books are sorted, and my “Documents” are coming close to being in a similar state also.
  • I wanted granola and milk. I bought granola and milk; and I ate it and it was fantastic!
  • Talked with Rube and planned an adventure, unencumbered.
  • Cut my nails, stayed dry and halfway calm for at least 48hrs.
  • Caught up with friends; it was the best.
  • New favourite song on repeat

Tomorrow holds many possibilities,


Mythic proportions

On how surprising it can sometimes be to get to know someone you know of or thought you knew: The mind boggles.

There are people I barely recognize and people who seem to remain always steadfast and warm-hearted. My own siblings are chock full of surprises, and myself, I catch glimpses of me wearing different hats and have to take a second look.

Ultimately, I find it beautiful, how people’s brains work, how they see and shape the world. All the differences and similarities, viewpoints and considerations. I feel privileged to be a part of it.

I was called a Neat Freak (in the manner of an endearment) the other day. My space needs to be organized — if that means all the junk on the right and all the clean laundry on the left, that works for me, though I do like to get a bit more involved πŸ™‚ I aim for a feeling of lived-in and loved and livable.

There is definitely an energy to everything, especially places and people and lately, that’s having quite an impact on me both personally and at work.

I love my home. It brings me happiness to wake up in the space that is mine each morning and come back to it each night. Still, I want a change. The time is ripe, and it feels right. I’m excited to see how big I can make small feel, to try something new, explore the community and discover new people and places.

There is no universal normal, but I think there is power and value in local consensus and knowledge — that and the ideas of a life well-lived and well-loved.

Echoes I

I’m not quite sure where the day went to be honest! I’m wary and weary but still adding miles to the road πŸ™‚ I’m struggling with not having anyone present to banter with but myself, and also finding containers for all my worldly goods at the home and office.

Everything is echoing back and I’m surprised I’m not more disoriented, which isn’t to say I won’t be thrilled the day my world finally stands still for moment a few weeks from now and I have the chance to renew and reassess, and maybe even get a little bored!

I’d love some great conversation and a hug, but now I have to go make dinner and a cup of tea.


Night out

Went to the movies with a friend Friday night after work and had a blast. The movie was great and the company the best. If you haven’t seenΒ The Shape of Water, I recommend it πŸ™‚


The 17th

Couldn’t think of anything more inspiring for a title today, sorry!

I finished my book. I got to leave work 15 minutes ahead of schedule! Ice cream was amazing πŸ™‚ My onesie is the best way to beat the “I feel like crap” feeling I’m feeling that I’ve found this week so far ❀

That’s it for news.


Winter’s best

I would give anything to be up the mountain right now breathing freely and of free air, to have finished feasting on a dinner of hardboiled eggs to crawl into my sleeping bag and drift off with my dog asleep on top of me, warmed through and loved to pieces.

I miss you, girl ❀