today’s brief history

I have to watch myself, to stop myself from trying to animate processes through sheer force of will. To remind myself I am not alone. To rest.

Today was a good one. My head was clear and my limbs and bones felt solid and capable. 12 hours sleep will do a body a world of good! Paradoxically, on the inside the darkness has faded into a soft warm light, whereas on the outside darkness now comes more swiftly than ever before and has my corner of the world firmly in its grip by 4pm — honestly, most days it seems that 4pm lasts all day.

I should do laundry by 7pm, maybe have another cupful of tea and try not to worry too much about what other people might think of my take on life and this handful of words I set down here, because no matter how much or how little I say or to whom, it’s still only a part of the story.

I hit ‘delete’ once. But I’ve decided to let it be and stay on the record. Because today wasn’t earth shattering, but it was still grand 🙂



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