Monthly Archives: October 2017

As is.

The imagery that springs to my mind with this quote, again from Bones, is wonderful:

It’s like describing the moon to a mole.

Understand the facts.

Draw your own conclusions.

Be kind. Explore. Forgive.

Sometimes your reality is not shared, and that’s ok.

Sometimes this one is not infinite or absolute.

It’s not good or bad, it just is.


Quiet brilliance

I’ve finished reading my book, and found my feet again. And my hair is driving me nuts! 😛 Anyways… I awoke on Saturday having no idea what time it was and later discovered I had by conservative estimate slept 14 hours straight. I felt amazing. Saturday was amazing. I felt so alive and so loved. Also, Twink got a haircut and while Mom is probably still laughing, I think he looks very dapper 🙂

Sunday, I bought a tiger onesie (Rawwr!) for the supposed Halloween celebration at work  where everyone who has one will be wearing one!

Today was just about average. Except I’m really happy I still have some energy and time to blog and drink tea and just generally revel in everything I’ve accomplished until now, today, and so far this year, which everyone keeps reminding me is almost over.

I’m glad to have JHTK on board and helping me stay on top of all things BB-related with humour and vision. The future looks bright!


We make our lives out of chaos and hope. And love.              –Angela Montenegro, Bones


Under construction…

I’m close, but just not quite there, yet. And detours are really starting to get on my nerves. I need a decent chunk of time, uninterrupted, to get the ball rolling, I need everyone to be all in, with no distractions. And at the office right now, everyone is very distracted. Myself included.

Tomorrow will be better.



Time has been doing strange things lately, and today, too. But I’m feeling more centred than I have felt for a while and following my own healing process which has been good all around.

For me, play and sleep make everything so much better. I sleep like the dead so I can rejoin the land of the living. And the last 48 hours have been bliss.

Currently waiting on laundry and planning my next move.

Life is good 🙂


under the radar

Let me start by saying, I’m winning! The week has not beaten me, yet.

I’ve had an imperfectly perfect day full of movies, sweaters, naps and peanut butter toast. The person upstairs has the bass cranked and that’s been ok for the last 45, but I’m ready to make my own noise (quietly — hopefully my annoying habits aren’t also being alluded to on someone else’s blog 😛 ) Aside from the occasional ‘Holy crap!’ as the toast concludes toasting, I think I’ve been pretty inconspicuous.

I need to find a onsie for Halloween!

Also, I want to go outside, and want to get ice cream but I don’t want to get wet — and therein lies the problem…



less than super

I’m afraid this week is going to beat me.

On the downside:

i am indescribably tired
my sink clogged
my costs have increased
i do not appreciate stairs, and i’ve climbed too many
my commute was extended
i’ve been freezing cold and soaking wet for hours
my shoes have been torturing my feet
the pile on my desk is starting to look dangerous
my office or lack there of is really not helping
there is only 1 of me, and enough work work for 5 of me
i got lost
i hate being late

On the upside:

mom came to visit and it was fantastic
i have been eating well
home is the best


i could REALLY use a hug
hot chocolate wouldn’t go amiss
it’s not all rainbows and unicorns

I am only one woman, I am only human.
I will try my damnedest to make it to the end of Friday.

Hope your ‘upside’ list is coming along better than your ‘downside’ list.



The Sammy Shuffle: part 24

I unknowingly bought my first pair of jeggings a few weeks ago. I needed a new pair of black pants, and that’s what I got. I’m not crazy about naming/labeling/categorizing everything in the bloody universe, so if you want more detail on any of my textiles, it’s best you just come see me 🙂 My approach to this is similar to other people’s approach to dogs, asking, as everyone in my family is want to do on pretty much a weekly basis, “I met a nice dog the other day! He was about this big, long black fur and had one white paw… Do you know what kind of dog that is?” Without more details, it’s an entertaining lucky guess or series of guesses.

So, I bought the pants after trying them on and feeling like I’d joined the Sisterhood. And, whereas for many (myself included), the difficulty mostly lies in getting pants on, it turns out these are harder to get off. They’re stretchy, just not at the hem that encircles your ankle, which is a problem if, like me, your ability to ‘point’ your toes is mostly non-existent, your balance is pretty awful and you lower limb flexibility is hilariously compromised, despite everything.

As I told Mom later, “It’s been ironically helpful. I have to make myself extraordinarily calm and focused and zen, or else these pants do not come off!” There’s a 5 minute mindfulness/mediation session included with every episode of pant removal as I work to relax those muscles and reward myself with a less thought out jump into pajamas at the end of the day.

Good night, friends 🙂


Story book conversations

So much has happened in the last 2 weeks! And so much is going through my mind. Today has been satisfying so far. I got my recycling done, whew! Still to do are laundry and groceries/dinner.

Logistics is currently a worm eating my brain personally and professionally.

I actually think I might go journal instead, because my head is starting to hurt and hyper-analysing things while trying to type is not helping.

It’s been less than 24hrs and already, I miss having genuine, interesting conversations with genuine, interesting people. The week shows great promise, however!