Rough seas

Moral of the story: Everything is connected. And sometimes all you can do is wait. Lately, I've been living day by day and week by week, being as flexible as I can while still striving for peace and continuity in the office and out of it. It has been long! I can hardly wait to... Continue Reading →


‘I hurt.’

Today was crappy. I woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep. I went to work but then left early, because I couldn't shake the feeling of 'I feel awful'. I hurt. Being human hurts. But somehow, saying the word hurt actually helps. I'm never sure exactly how personal to get on this... Continue Reading →


Draw lines in the sand Hope the ocean pulls away And doesn't run forward Sink down into the floor Zip to and fro Re-establish those comfortable nooks And intimate gatherings Bookshelves crafted by caring hands Are messages of love To settle and sleep Today is that day For inspired explorations Quiet celebrations

Life In General:

Thoughts from today on how I got here and where I'm going. Friends, I worked really hard to follow the prompts for an extended period of time from August 5 to Sept 18 to give myself a bit of a challenge and look at things through a slightly different lens -- so if you get the chance... Continue Reading →

Time out

Yikes! I am so freakin' tired. I'd dearly love some pizza and a friend to chatter with and then a good solid 14hrs or so of sleep. And some heat. It is actually cold in here, I have goosebumps, flesh I never thought I'd see again after this summer that has literally seen the province... Continue Reading →

Just being

via Daily Prompt: Glorious To be able to filter out the noise and focus on what speaks to you, that is the best feeling. Glorious to me is a feeling, more than a word or definition. And right now I can't stop smiling. Good night, friends!

Que linda

via Daily Prompt: Sting A random bit of word play to depart from the obvious go-to of bee-stings and hobbit swords 🙂 My Beautiful Strength Tenacity Ingenuity New-formed Generosity

Carry the warmth

via Daily Prompt: Recreate Summer is fading but the warmth has not deserted. I love that feeling of warmth and love from the universe. I've just switched from bare arms to my bear blanket 🙂 Bring on the fuzzy socks!  

Best of 48

via Daily Prompt: Flavorful It was a really great 2 days. Mom and I went exploring in New West, and had lunch on a superb patio steps away from the Fraser when the sun was shining and the flavor was mouthwatering. I will be back! 🙂  

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