Can you see my incoherence?

Yesterday was rough. It was a real trial to make it through to 4 o’clock. And I wanted to bitch about it to somebody, and I had nobody, which sucked.

Also, to add insult to injury, I told somebody about it — after trying to patch together a conversation — it was a valiant effort, let me tell you — I said, “Sorry, I’m not feeling 100% today.” And instead of a show of support/sympathy using phrasing like “That’s a bummer,” or “Hope you feel better soon!” they were like, couldn’t care less “Yeah, I can tell. Anyway, I have to get back to my inbox.”

It hurt a little bit.

After all the effort and genuine interest I take in your well-being and that of others, after all the griping about how so-and-so left you in the lurch or your coffee was so terrible or your head is fit to split… I wasn’t going to launch into some TMI episode, I just wanted to feel supported.

Request denied. Sorry, not sorry.

So, then I went home and ate ice-cream and felt better. It was far and above the best part of my day. That, and rearranging my library and talking with my brother.

Edit: Fun fact — there was an entire paving crew smack dab outside my window from 10pm-2am doing road work full tilt, making the windows rattle among the usual sirens of first responders, combined with temperature readings in the 30s, and a concoction of noxious fumes (read hot tar, wildfire and marijuana smoke). It was icky and shut-eye was hard to come by. And until now I’d forgotten it was possible to be this tired.

End rant.

If someone’s feeling crummy, show/tell them you care though, please. It makes a bigger difference than you know.



3 thoughts on “Can you see my incoherence?

  1. Showing someone you care really does make such a difference. I’m sorry you didn’t feel great, and hope you’re feeling okay at the moment❤❤

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