via Daily Prompt: Glaring

Like it or not, life is full of hiccups. Sometimes they are quiet and pass almost unnoticed, sometimes they provide comic relief. They could be downright annoying, disruptive, or even cringeworthy.

I was watching a video on Youtube the other day, where the artists were taking questions from the audience, and I was surprised at how many thoughtful, and non-repeat queries there were.

One audience member asked about the differences in culture/language on the project, if through their work the artists had learned any new phrases or expressions and if so, what were their favourites? Interesting question, I thought.

Except that the person asking the question offered a personal and completely bungled example and their ignorance became glaringly obvious, though everyone was very supportive and chimed in with ‘No worries! Easy mistake to make, happens all the time….’

It reminded me of the time I was on the bus downtown, surrounded by languages from around the globe — sandwiched between two cheerful Spanish chatterers (¡Hola!) and two other rather confused English conversationalists — with a friend who is fluent in both languages. The English speakers were having a guess at what language the Spaniards were speaking… “Is it German, do you think?”

What?! I mean, those two languages sound pretty different, for starters (Danke vs ¡Gracias!)… Not everyone knows or can hear the difference, apparently. I found it bizaare, and my friend just rolled her eyes.




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