Pachyderm ponderings

via Daily Prompt: Memorize You know that saying: An elephant never forgets? I feel like that elephant. My memory is for lack of a better word, sharp. Mostly in terms of situations, melodies, feelings and random bits of info that only the smallest segment of humanity will ever care about or have a use for,... Continue Reading →


Can you see my incoherence?

Yesterday was rough. It was a real trial to make it through to 4 o'clock. And I wanted to bitch about it to somebody, and I had nobody, which sucked. Also, to add insult to injury, I told somebody about it -- after trying to patch together a conversation -- it was a valiant effort,... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Enamored Simplicity. Fun. Sunshine. Peanut butter. These are the things I am enamoured with right now. But love is definitely in the air. Every time I turn around there's another melee of emotion happening. I think I'll quit while I'm still reasonably far ahead and go for a jaunt around the neighbourhood.... Continue Reading →


Sleep take my fears Steady my hand Courage build through the years Don't stay small to spare any tears Finite time can hold infinite joys Take it in, reach out And cast light with mirrors   via Daily Prompt: Rhyme

gravity winning

via Daily Prompt: Magnetic I don't know much about magnets or gravity. But my bed is calling to me and if I make it there before I hit the floor, gravity will ultimately win the day and pull my limbs and eyelids down for what feels like could be a very long time. I've incurred... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Homage I couldn't think of anything to write for this post/prompt at first. There is however, a fantastic little episode from Outlander's first season "The Gathering" which brings vividly to life the formal occasion where tenants and kinsmen pay homage to Column Mackenzie, chieftain of the Mackenzie clan. Recommended, and that's all... Continue Reading →

Roadside assistance

via Daily Prompt: Dignify I was walking home from work the other day and had a comical moment. Someone came up behind me and I stopped to let them pass. "You are amazing!" they exclaimed, and then disappeared around the corner. If I'm amazing for literally just standing on the side of the road, then... Continue Reading →

the good life (3)

via Daily Prompt: Inhabit I've found my happy place. And now I just need to work on trimming the fat and chewing the fat, as they say -- whoever they are 🙂 I don't want to hide things, I want to give them a home instead. And right now, a few things are still in... Continue Reading →

DND, thanks!

via Daily Prompt: Synchronize I like to be able to do something, start to finish without interruption. It is how I work best. As a result, the current obsession of today's world with being connected all the time, synchronized across platforms and devices and time-zones, and being notified every 2 seconds on everything from the... Continue Reading →

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