A long road (1)

I thought Friday would never get here this week, and now it’s just hours away from ending…

I walked to the water and back today. It felt so good. I also bought 3 shirts and a hat, just for funzies. I surprised myself today, acknowledging my abilities and impact and learning a new application for tenacity that made me laugh and appreciate it all the more.

I also just got to be me today, which was excellent, mainly in regard to the fact that I had time to process the various processes in progress, without feeling like someone was breathing down my neck or engaging any fight, flight or freeze responses. Kind of like this post…

My dad always tells me stories of when I was little, (less than 3), how I used to sing all the time — still do — and chatter lots. Of how it used to take a half an hour or more to get from the front door to the end of the driveway, not just because of the walker, but because I would be so busy taking everything in, feeling in no way rushed and just had so much to say… The fact I hadn’t yet mastered the letter ‘L’ was no problem. Often, in today’s unhurried moments my dad will give a voice back to that little person, “Yet’s yook at the yittle yeaf, Yinda!” which always cracks us both up.

And I do — enjoy looking at leaves — and taking those unhurried moments to just let everything soak in. Marvelling at the little things, for example, how if you put an unripe ‘avo’ in a wool sock it will ripen overnight… I haven’t tried it, but I intend to! Another bit of wisdom I encountered today while wandering, which I thought was hilarious, is this:

Always give 100%, UNLESS you’re donating blood…



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