A long road (3)

In conclusion, I want to continue. Everything I have accomplished, all I have learned. It has been a long road with many discoveries and much meaning and I feel good about it; past, present and future. If you've read this far, thanks for letting me share a bit of my brain with you! All the... Continue Reading →


A long road (2)

Film etc. -- Top 3 +1 Outlander Season 3 is coming back in September, the 10th to be exact. A date I am eagerly anticipating despite not knowing how or if or when I will actually be able to see said show. I feel like a terrible person for still┬ánot having seen the 3 Hobbit... Continue Reading →

A long road (1)

I thought Friday would never get here this week, and now it's just hours away from ending... I walked to the water and back today. It felt so good. I also bought 3 shirts and a hat, just for funzies. I surprised myself today, acknowledging my abilities and impact and learning a new application for... Continue Reading →

Sunday’s stock

I don't know what to have for dinner. Why is it that that is always the million dollar question? On Thursday, if someone had put a gun to my head and asked me to make a decision regarding this or die, I honestly would not be here writing this today. Thursday, I had an honest... Continue Reading →


Was that how you thought your day was going to go...? === Today was a bit of a mess. More later... === My brain keeps mulling over my current top five, and it's just more work than I'm up for today, trying to come up with solutions when everything's already past tipping point but not... Continue Reading →

Brain waves

Seven days seems like a lifetime ago. Friday was great. I got a lot done, had a fantastic plate of nachos and a hug by the ocean. Saturday was memorable, due to the fact that I took myself out for pizza and in half-hearted, half hilarious bid to change a pattern of behaviour, actually received... Continue Reading →

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