The return

It's nice not feeling like I want to hit the panic button every 10 minutes. It's nice not having time constraints. The world gets too loud for me sometimes, and weekends like this one keep me inspired. I managed to stay within walking distance of home, which was a nice change. And I walked most... Continue Reading →


Rule #1

I've learned in theory, not to hold my breath waiting for the many 'undeliverables' of the world, as much as I want to give people the benefit of the doubt on things (myself included), sometimes the doubts outweigh the benefits. Works pretty well in theory. In practice, I still find it hard to breathe sometimes. I... Continue Reading →

2 cents

This owl made me laugh ❤ I feel like we could relate to one another right about now 🙂   Dealing with a rather severe case of information overload. For me, currently, time is never wasted, but energy sometimes tanks and I'm dying for the weekend. Yoga and fiddle plans in the works. I am beyond... Continue Reading →

Best thing lately

I'm high on life right now and also tongue tied and exceedingly tired. These are some of my favourite snippets from the not so distant past. I hope to fill you in later. Seeing my Dad at the ferry terminal, as I walk off the boat in the evening sun, his arms open wide to gather me in.... Continue Reading →

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