Let’s recap

It’s the start of the last big push, I hope.

The last 2 weeks, and the next 2 are make or break for me. Literally. There’s been so much activity, it’s making my head spin.

Jet-lag, maybe not so much… Ferry-fatigue, though, could be a new thing certainly. Seabus, Ferry, Seabus, Seabus, Ferry, Seabus! I’ve not been standing still much lately. Back and forth to town for dance, to the coast for festivities, family, friends and craft beer, the best ice-cream and some seriously delicious birthday cake 😀

There is so much good in the world, fantastic foods, good friends, great tunes, and reasons to be humbled by humanity.

Work is not slowing down. It is ridiculously busy. As Rube would say, “We’re all over the fence.” That made me laugh so hard. And dance has been a lot of hard work that is about to pay off as we prep for our show(s) this Thursday-Friday (www.allbodiesdance.ca).

So, after everything, I did nothing today, and it was FABULOUS! I got up, showered, dressed, had breakfast, a nap, watched some tv, read some, sang some, danced some. Basically had that on repeat all day. Stayed reasonably cool as the temp climbed into the 20s. Made lazy-man’s pizza with the bottom of the barrel that is personifying my life lately, in an affirming, laughable, good but slightly exasperating way.

Freaked out today when Mom yelled up to my window… Call = “Sami!” Response = “YES?!?!?!!!” Got a ‘dad hug’ and peanut-butter refill which provided a significant boost in morale. Watched the Batkid Begins documentary on Netflix, which was pretty awesome. Brought back memories of growing up running around taking turns pairing off dressed as Batman and Robin (the trouble with being one of 3 siblings and fans of the dynamic duo…only 2 costumes) Cops and robbers worked much better…dreaming of saving the world from the bad guys –and learning the secret ‘Batman grip’.

The summer is just getting started, so I’m still hopeful that if I can’t be Batman for a day, I can at least spend one unhurried afternoon on a sunny patio with friends and food.

More later,



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