Into the wind

Going one day at a time right now, keeping my eyes on the prize… I can’t believe it’s nearly June!!! It’s just ridiculous! My nose is really itchy and I’m wearing a white shirt, which I hardly ever do, and I’m quite worried I’m going to start bleeding all over it.

Listening to The Fretless on Youtube ❤ Had an impromptu Coast visit which was splendid. I’m feeling pretty emotional actually, thinking of all that my life has been so far and all the people I’ve met along the way, how many have grown to become a part of a truly remarkable network, creating intangible ties and sending ripples out in so many directions. It’s just nice to know that people care and that everyday actions can have a positive impact. Too often, I think we take things for granted, leave thanks and love and fear as implied rather than acknowledged up front.

So, for the record, I value this life. Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. My family I love more than words and I am moderately scared of spiders, falling, and pretty much anything that screams or goes ‘bump in the night’ — excepting sirens — I’ve got pretty good at sleeping with those 🙂

I’m finding more and more that there are more and more labels for things that I have experienced and heard bandied about but kinda always just filed away under ‘Life’ or ‘Common Sense’ or ‘An Unfortunate Event’ And I have to wonder if some of them are necessary? And why? Can something be without being named? I’d rather have someone pull a prime example from the real world, give me a detailed chunk of history or an illustration of attributes than simply slap a label on it.



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