Good things

Made vegan rice pudding, a new veggie dish, lazy-man’s eggnog, which all turned out great! ❤ Amazing what you can do with so little.

Andy, on his way out on Tuesday, said ‘See you Monday’ and cheerfully wished me a good weekend before realizing it was only Tuesday and that we would see each other again on Wednesday 😀 We cracked up! And I thought I was a keener for weekends (this one being no exception).

Similarly, I have a tendency to respond in kind when someone wishes me a happy birthday, with a genuine “Thanks! Happy Birthday to you, too!” which always results in some good laughs and a few funny looks.

I had movie quotes running through my head all evening, which was very entertaining #Hidalgo #HarryPotter #LOTR #CityOfAngels #PetesDragon #Outlander #Bones and #ChristmasVacation… Had an excellent dinner and sleep. Woke up to a relatively rain-free city.

The ground was dry today, which was good. It meant I didn’t have to contemplate the gut-wrenching, shoulder-crunching possibility of a tumble down the hill while running pell-mell to work this morning.

Alien abduction was beginning to sound like a very plausible explanation for the missing piece, but thankfully after a bit of detective work, kind Earthlings were able to return it to safe hands 🙂 I powered down on pile after pile of paper, called people too numerous to count and got a brownie into the bargain.

Got home. Got a few more ducks in a row. Caught a call from Forrest and had cozy little visit and sushi dinner. I feel pretty damn close to my true self with my brother. We decided when we are rich and famous to make the best of both worlds, having horses, dogs, chickens and bikes on a tidy little ranch somewhere 🙂

I can’t see it getting much better than I have it right now. I feel fulfilled and joyful. I am home. Forrest pointed out that a big dog is still missing from my life (true!). So, there’s that. Aside from a canine companion, however, I really don’t think anything could be significantly improved as my current situation stands. Seriously.

Danced off dinner, listened to some great tunes. Blogged and now bed. Tomorrow should be good!

That’s all,




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