Wash, rinse, repeat

So today was soggy and slimey and I was the idiot standing at the bus stop in the rain wearing nothing but cotton,… Weather was not on my side today.

I was distracted at work. Things just felt ‘off’. Of course everyone blamed the weather. I could have subbed in for a wack-a-mole mole. The flow of people was minimal, thank goodness!

Went to Grandma’s for dinner. Had a really nice time after I was reclothed in fleece and fuzzy socks, feeling less like a drowned rat and more like a human being. Ice cream and strawberries for dessert — so good! It’s nice to feel welcome and warm!

Got soaked again going home. Stopped at the library and read a few pages of How they Croaked: the awful ends of the awfully famous, which was rather unexpectedly humourous and informative! Home, stripped, showered, pjs, Blog. Bed. Done.



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