Unscheduled stop

Make your own fun, they say. I’m pretty good at that. But right now, fun is running low and frustration is climbing to new heights.

I feel like I’m standing surrounded by puzzle pieces emptied from half a dozen 1000 piece boxes and the joker who upended them on my person has left with all the boxes, so I have no idea what pieces fit together or what the pictures look like. I have a bit of headache.

I should probably eat something. Usually things start going downhill when/because I’m hungry… I got ambushed this PM by the unyielding and uncomfortable when I went looking for the soft and friendly.

I want to see results, I want to get a reaction, I want to build something. But I’m just done trying. Keeping up with the world is just beyond me at the moment. And the page is a pretty sure-fire way for me to unwind. It is such a relief sometimes to have have a space to put my thoughts in order as they clamber out of my head.

Compost, cameras, tea, email and community are on my mind.

My refresh button consists of the following action-items: Eat, Dance, Fiddle/Cello. Scout out possibilities for community engagement over the next 2 weeks.

Here’s hoping trouble doesn’t find me first 🙂






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