Introvert awareness

I had a really great party of one this weekend 🙂

Stir-fry for dinner was awesome, and so were the leftovers. I stayed up late reading and watching movies with headphones.

I did laundry and cleaned house, swapped parts on my Stix, went to dance and wandered around town, enjoyed plenty of sunshine, had some ice-cream and visited with mom, watched a TEDTalk on introverts by an introvert (the irony) and rearranged my bookshelf to be more accessible and enjoyable (previously enjoyed on the right, still to be discovered on the left, big tomes on the bottom, lesser tomes on top).

The week was full of surprises, which set me hopping like a flea as various well-meaning,  much-loved ninjas came calling 🙂 Startle-reflex status: excellent.

I’m still adjusting to the fact that it now doesn’t get dark-dark until about well, IDK. Not at the time of this writing, and not at 4 anymore, like when what seems like last week when we were in the grip of winter. Time flies.

I’m gearing up for what I anticipate to be a challenging week, and I’m glad I’ve had enough time to recharge that I feel prepared enough to say ‘bring it’  rather than ‘Please, don’t eat me!’ Though that doesn’t hold true 365 days a year, 24/7, I usually manage to find enough fuel to keep that inner fire burning bright.

Last Wednesday I posted this:

Because at the best and worst of times, and any time in-between, apparently I am comforted by making lists…

Giving thanks for:

Friends who know what I’m all about
Chocolate/Peanut butter/Good tunes
Good food /Good books/Starry nights
The written word/Sunshine/Rain
Water/Dance/Time to breathe

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂




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