Month: May 2017

From the heart today.

I wanted to pour my heart out today. And today I have the energy to translate in part what's in my head, into something else. I can't talk like this to very many people, without getting some funny looks. So, the blog it is. Truth is, I feel self-conscious a lot of the time- whether … Continue reading From the heart today.


Let’s recap

It's the start of the last big push, I hope. The last 2 weeks, and the next 2 are make or break for me. Literally. There's been so much activity, it's making my head spin. Jet-lag, maybe not so much... Ferry-fatigue, though, could be a new thing certainly. Seabus, Ferry, Seabus, Seabus, Ferry, Seabus! I've not … Continue reading Let’s recap

A little bit of sunshine goes a long way

I've written about this before. Every once in a while you catch an unexpected glimpse of what's going on in a person's head and it really resonates. I was floored, actually. More later. It's just hit me how tired I am and I can't continue in coherence. Signing off, --Sam    

Unscheduled stop

Make your own fun, they say. I'm pretty good at that. But right now, fun is running low and frustration is climbing to new heights. I feel like I'm standing surrounded by puzzle pieces emptied from half a dozen 1000 piece boxes and the joker who upended them on my person has left with all … Continue reading Unscheduled stop

No worries

It's Friday. It's sunny. My coworkers are amazing. I got heaps done and finished a half hour early. I have a full cupboard, popcorn, movies and clean laundry. I get to sleep in tomorrow for as long as I want! I have chocolate milk and fresh strawberries, a clean space and a free weekend. It … Continue reading No worries