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Had another really good day today. Just finished stir-fry for dinner and Vir Das’ Abroad Understanding on Netflix 🙂 Recommended! The past few days and weeks have been the definition of ‘work hard, play hard’ and have made me incredibly happy — apart from dance which, in my view, is in a bit of limbo right now.

The utility and value and importance of a plan or basic framework, however limited, and confidence in decision making when in a leadership role can not be over-stated. And I am quite terrified that leader of the mini-group of which I am a part has no such plan or conviction. I am a creative person and a patient one. I understand that there are many ways to learn and make and solve things and that often, these things take time. But I’m really struggling to see progress here.

Mr. Plant has given up on me, and I have given up on him. RIP, my green stemmed friend! I’m not sure the new grips for my Stix are going to work out either, it’s an experiment to be concluded on Sunday.  And, my favourite strangers are still here… More on that later.

In other news, Mom still pushes my buttons, sometimes. And Dad still gives the best hugs. My spring renewal ritual is in full swing and there’s more space for more good things to come. Finally, I’ve decided to start capturing phrases, concepts and words that carry personal significance… Some things just stay with you and are impossible to forget.

That’s all for Tuesday,




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