An hour ago I spent 20 minutes freaking out about all the key points ping-ponging around my head, but now I feel fine, if a bit exhausted by thinking about all I’ve done and yet to do. I’m surprised I’m still talking. Everything has kicked into high gear and though I’m feeling capable and loved, it’s still a lot.

My brain has rearranged the order of the days of the week this week. It has been painful, thinking Tuesday is Thursday and Monday is Sunday and Wednesday is just kicking around to stir up more trouble.

Easter: I went home for the first time this year. Turkey was yummy. Pumpkin pie was better, and it was nice to enjoy a plate of nachos without feeling like a murderer — sorry, Rube.

Spring is almost sprung and I’m happy to be growing still, and growing strong. Some follow up is required but I’m hoping it will all work out. I’ve no one to ramble to, so the page is it.

I’m continuing to find the pieces that work. I’m becoming a part of the fabric of my own life which is kinda cool. I’ve a place to belong to, here and now and it means the world to me.

Only a fraction of what happens IRL ends up on this blog. IRL, I have pages full of notes and lists, reminders and random thought trains. Taking into account the recently surge in benevolent chaos, I’m now on a mission to find myself a good old-fashioned calendar, a new notebook and a pen that actually works– in addition to dance and laundry and groceries, and tea and cello/fiddle/chill if I can manage it.

Off to count sheep! 🙂



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