Month: April 2017

It is done!

The weekend is a beautiful thing. I got so much done. I'm so happy! Though not technically the weekend, on Wednesday I went for dinner, and a hug with Rube -- amazing 🙂 Saturday I took myself out for breakfast which was superb, followed by dance, which was well, less than superb -- but fresh … Continue reading It is done!


Recently Added

Had another really good day today. Just finished stir-fry for dinner and Vir Das' Abroad Understanding on Netflix 🙂 Recommended! The past few days and weeks have been the definition of 'work hard, play hard' and have made me incredibly happy -- apart from dance which, in my view, is in a bit of limbo … Continue reading Recently Added

“Celebrity is as celebrity does.”

Saw the VSO perform HP#2 on the weekend, which was just... Amazing! Peskipiksi Pesternomi! And numerous other quotes have been running through my head all day. Got to visit with Forrest on Monday which made me feel all warm and fuzzy, and had dinner out (Vietnamese) which was absolutely delicious and as a bonus, got … Continue reading “Celebrity is as celebrity does.”