It is done!

The weekend is a beautiful thing. I got so much done. I'm so happy! Though not technically the weekend, on Wednesday I went for dinner, and a hug with Rube -- amazing 🙂 Saturday I took myself out for breakfast which was superb, followed by dance, which was well, less than superb -- but fresh... Continue Reading →


Recently Added

Had another really good day today. Just finished stir-fry for dinner and Vir Das' Abroad Understanding on Netflix 🙂 Recommended! The past few days and weeks have been the definition of 'work hard, play hard' and have made me incredibly happy -- apart from dance which, in my view, is in a bit of limbo... Continue Reading →

Do what you love…

I rocked today. I have just a warm, solid sense of well-being. I'm so hungry and at the same time, I just want to close my eyes and fall into soft sleep on my back and watch the ceiling fade out to black. I want to read something amazing, dance like nobody's watching and sing... Continue Reading →

tucked away

I'm spending the weekend tucked away. Pity this 4 day week only comes with a 2 day weekend, but I won't let it go to waste. Going to try really hard to jumpstart my Saturday. Stay tuned I guess. We'll see where it goes 🙂


An hour ago I spent 20 minutes freaking out about all the key points ping-ponging around my head, but now I feel fine, if a bit exhausted by thinking about all I've done and yet to do. I'm surprised I'm still talking. Everything has kicked into high gear and though I'm feeling capable and loved,... Continue Reading →

Miles to the road

Me talking myself down into downtime sorely needed with quiet celebrations and finding new ways to explore growing pains 🙂 Best I can do tonight. Bye! Like no one is watching... Today is not yesterday nor tomorrow You can make it happen, subtract external forces Not past 20 minutes there lies everything The world is full of fire... Continue Reading →

To far distant lands, right here.

I love magic. I write and dance, play cello and fiddle, sing, watch movies, read and eat good food and try and keep my life and house in some sort of semblance of order, and that is enough to keep the magic alive for me. I love to connect with people, places, processes on a deeper level. I've... Continue Reading →

“Hello, it’s me…”

*I am thrilled. I can't believe it's after 5pm already! Work was surprisingly not freakishly busy which was a relief. Might get to visit with bro tonight, we shall see... I really like coconut yogurt! I also really like my new wardrobe inspirations. Granted, it's not a huge leap --probably not going to see me coming down the... Continue Reading →

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