So I’ve been busy. Really busy.

I’ve had so many referrals and inquiries come in that numerous times I’ve been unable to find the top of my desk under all the layers and piles of paper. I haven’t stopped calling people and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. Mail is incoming and outgoing at a truly ridiculous rate, inventory is in a period of transition, as is the office in general. The flow of people has been constant and large.

I attended my first Mental Health Breakfast event at the HOpe Centre last Friday. It was fun! Syntyche was presenting and I manned the table, distributing brochures, videos and information on Bounce Back to anyone interested to know more. If you are, you can visit bouncebackbc.ca or call me! 😀 I’ve heard the radio ads a few times now, and it always makes me smile to think that I am part of the team that makes it possible for people to know about and access such a great resource, and not be afraid to talk about mental health or ask for help if they are struggling.

I’ve realized I’m not the kind of person that thrives on oodles of anything — well, except maybe popcorn and quality film… And I also don’t have a lot of people — really any, to grab and haul off on an adventure. The solution: DIY! More of it. Because I can, because I want to, because being me rocks 😛

I took myself out to lunch today and it was fantastic. I had coffee — let me clarify, I conversed but did not consume, my friend had enough coffee for two — with a friend. I watched Outlander again, parts en Francais, rolling on the bed, laughing. I’ve caught up on groceries, dishes and laundry, played fiddle and cello and cranked my favourite playlists. I helped choreograph a pint-sized piece which turned out really cool, and honestly just about made me cry. I miss those creative-collaborative light-bulb moments — there were a lot of them back when I had near-constant canine companionship, when it would be like: Does this work? And then, Yes! Good job! Yes! You rock! We rock! Let’s do it again. I don’t have a dog with me at the moment, and I think that’s a good thing? I do have a new house guest, a Mr. Plant. But he is not very happy at the moment. If the evidence to hand ever saw the inside of a courthouse, I’m fairly sure I’d be convicted of manslaughter, but there’s still a few sprigs left and I’m hoping he will recover.

Over the weekend, I spent a good 2 hours in an absolutely divine semi-conscious state listening to tunes with headphones, and have started reading The Count of Monte Cristo. I watched an amazing series on the first humans ever to reach Australia and to balance it out 17 Again –again, which I really enjoyed 🙂

I came home today and did some self-care and space-care. Ate an Easter cookie and multiple glasses of almond milk, plus an orange, which was all super delicious. As an aside, I am working my way through the bakery downstairs… These are my favourites (which I suppose I could add to later), as I figure the not-so-favourites aren’t worth mentioning.

Fruit Tarts -5/5
Copenhagens -5/5
Brownies -6/5
Bread -5/5
Muffins -5/5
Sugar/Easter/Ginger/Shortbread cookies 5/5
Rhubarb/Apple pie 4/5 *would be best a la mode

I’ve rediscovered how versatile cinnamon is! I swear I’ve had it in my breakfast, lunch, dinner and several snacks over the past few weeks. Cherry tomatoes, lentils, limes and mushrooms and oranges, to name a few, have all been cycling rapidly through my kitchen a lot lately. And tea is the best.

There’s really nothing I don’t love, or at least like about everything that I do in a day. People might balk at laundry or dishes or cleaning house, or being alone and yeah, there are times when you just don’t want to do it. But it’s really not that horrible. I’ve been asking myself, honestly, realistically, what’s the worst that could happen? And the answers these days don’t scare me nearly as much as they used to. I’m here. I’m doing what I do. I have a say in what happens, I can take in the experience. I am free to explore and enjoy, and I do!

I’m laughing reading this. This is how my brain works on autopilot. I haven’t edited or thought about it at all. I’ve just kept writing. The other thing I’ve recently embraced is that I can’t do any of the following in a magically straight-line: writing, walking, scissors/knife wielding, shopping… Some of my friends and family read this blog, I know, because if something I post catches their interest, they might ask me for background on it, but are often a bit hazy on the details, ‘You know, that post you made the other day?’ — because entries are organized first by date, I think people tend to assume that everything here has happened in chronological order. Sorry! 🙂 I often will post recollections of things that happened days, weeks, months or years past, right next to something that has just happened. There may be composite scenarios or characters. For the most part, this blog and the content of individual posts is in fact non-linear and has no rules. Just a heads up on that!

Does anyone know when it gets dark these days? I feel like I’m still primed to get sleepy at around 5pm. But I think the sun’s up for longer than that now. I saw it today (the sun) it was wonderful. In terms of records, I have it on good authority that March 2017 had the highest number of Bounce Back referrals as well as the most rainfall EVER, in recorded history. Seriously! I hope April will bring more sunny days and mentally healthy, happy humans– I’d rather not literally drown in paperwork 🙂



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